Monday, August 9, 2010

2 months & 12 years

Bryan and Wyatt had their well child visits today. It went very well and both boys are healthy. They both had to have shots. No fun! And they both got weight and measured and poked and prodded. I am glad it is over and that they are both doing great.

Wyatt went first. He is 9 weeks old today. Wyatt weighed 11 pounds 3 ounces. He is 21 inches long and his head is 15 inches around. The doctor said he is short but gaining weight very well. That is a good sign considering we still do not know for sure what is going on with the metabolic disorder. Bryan was pretty short when he was little too. And look at him now! Wyatt is growing steadily and the doctor says that is more important then where he technically falls on the growth chart. All things I have heard before when Bryan was a baby but still nice to hear again for reassurance.

The doctor checked Wyatt over and said that every thing looked good. There is no longer a click in his hip. He has a swollen lymph node but it is no big deal. I asked him if he thought Wyatt's right testicle was descending yet. It has been hanging out pretty high but I knew it was there. He said that it was down. WHAT?! I told him it was not down when we left the house to come to the appointment. Well isn't that a nifty trick? The doctor laughed and told Wyatt he had pretty good timing! I swear they live to prove you wrong!

I asked about the reflux too. He said it was pretty normal in babies. He is not worried about Wyatt puking some of his feedings up as that is also pretty common. We should just continue to do the things we are doing (keeping him upright during and after feedings, burping him really well, the gas drops as needed) and he will out grown it very soon. Wyatt's digestive system should start maturing more in the next few weeks and the reflux will likely go away on it's own before we know it. I hope it is soon ... I am sick of getting puked on. LOL

I asked how long Wyatt can go with out pooping and the doctor said 5 or 6 days is not uncommon. We can try a little juice after a few days but otherwise don't worry about it. Being that Wyatt drinks breast milk only if his BMs become hard and pebble like then I should give him a call. But otherwise he should be good.

The doctor asked several questions about different milestones Wyatt should be meeting. He was doing them all which is always a relief. The doctor asked if Wyatt laughs yet. I said not really but I have heard him giggle a few times while he was asleep. He asked if Wyatt was smiling when he laughed and I said yes. The doctor said then that counts! Wyatt must have been having a really good dream. LOL He says that Wyatt should start doing it while awake in the next few weeks. But even him laughing in his sleep was a good sign. Good to know!

Bryan was up next and was fairly simple. He is 5 feet 1 inch tall and 140 pounds. That puts him in the 75% for height and 97% for weight. The doctor said while the percentages look a little scary he does not think Bryan is over weight in anyway . Because of his height it kind of counter balances his weight. Yes he is heavier then most kids his age but he is also a LOT taller then they are too. And visually he could see that Bryan is not at all over weight. So he felt there was no concern. Bryan has hit puberty a bit early and it shows in his measurements. It was hilarious to look back through his records and see how he was in the 8% for height and 23% for weight when he was 2 years old. 10 years later he is a moose! HA HA HA

I thought it was pretty funny to watch the doctor doing similar movements to check Bryan's hips as he does with Wyatt. Makes you realize just how long Bryan's legs have gotten. I always feel bad for the kid during the hernia check. The first look of terror comes when the doctor tells him to drop his shorts. Then again when he tells Bryan to turn his head and cough. LOL

The doctor asked him a bunch of questions. Does he play any sports? How much TV does he watch? How much time does he play video games? I mentioned that we live on a farm and that Bryan does help with the chores. The doctor was happy to hear that and said farm kids tend to be pretty active kids. So he was happy with that even though Bryan shows no interest in sports. I have a geek not a jock. I am fine with that. Especially since my geek could probably bench press most of the jocks his age ... he he he!

They both got shots. Bryan got 3 and barely flinched when he got his. He made it look far easier then it was for Wyatt. Poor baby! Wyatt also had 3 shots but boy howdy did he scream! The first one went in and he didn't react right away. You saw this slow realization of pain, his face turned red and then WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! The boy was NOT happy. The nurse said "And that was only the first one!" She rushed through the other 2 so I could pick him up to calm him down. I felt awful for the poor kid but also couldn't stop laughing. He would wail in this funny siren like increasing and then decreasing and then increasing again pattern. He was pretty ticked off for a while after that. I am glad he doesn't need any more shots until 4 months. I wonder if he will be more or less dramatic at that point. LOL

So the boys are good. Wyatt goes back again in 2 months and Bryan goes back in 6 months for a second dose of the Hep A vaccine. We are still waiting for more info on the VLCAD situation. There doesn't seem to be anything new in Wyatt's records and the geneticist has not called us back yet. So we will have to continue to make sure that Wyatt does not go past 4 hours with out eating. But then he wakes up every 3-4 hours anyway so it is not a stretch and not like I am waking a sleeping baby or anything. Hopefully we will know more soon. Hopefully it will be nothing and we can put that whole mess behind us soon.