Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A mover and a shaker!

I was already getting so bored in the second trimester. I know crazy. Why am I complaining right? I still feel pukey in the morning but other then that the morning sickness is gone and the fatigue is mostly gone. I have been just sitting around ... waiting for something ... anything interesting to happen.

I have been good and avoided coffee for the most part but I decided yesterday on my way to work that it was COLD ... not just cold but FRIGID COLD. So I swung by a gas station near work and picked up a hot chocolate. Their coffee totally sucks but I figured it was pretty hard to screw up hot chocolate. I got a small cup and happily wrapped my freezing hands around it.

Well I guess even a small amount of hot chocolate is a large amount of sugar to the baby. I sat down after finishing my cup and felt something. It was right below my belly button. BUBBLE BUBBLE ... WIGGLE WIGGLE ... holy crap I think the baby is moving ... WEEEEEEEEEEEEE ... yep that's the baby!

I have felt the baby move before. But it was very rare and I had to be absolutely still and laying on my right side. Don't ask me why the right side. That was just how it worked. But yesterday the baby was a moving and a shaking and a wiggling all over the place. Yep ... definitely your father's child aren't you?!?!?! He is just as wiggly outside me as you are inside me. Anyway I sat there and enjoyed the movement knowing that those moments are few and far between this early. But I must say I was impressed that it was happening with out me laying on my right side still as a statue. It was so great to feel him/her in there!

I was not expecting to be feeling anything again any time soon. But sure enough when I got home last night the baby started up again. And then this morning there were the bubblies again! As I was getting my shoes on I guess I bent over to far and squished the baby a bit because he/she fought back. I think I got kicked for the first time by this baby! THUMP! I shot straight back up and started laughing. Ooooops! Sorry babe! I didn't mean to play squish the baby. My bad.

I am so excited that I am starting to feel things. I am also so glad that you feel things moving and shaking in their earlier if you have already had kids. My uterus is stretched out more and I know what a baby moving feels like. So I am far more aware. It is great to feel the baby moving. I can't wait for it to happen again. I especially can't wait for the baby to kick Coco off my belly. She is hell bent on laying on the baby for some reason. Not on my lap but on my belly. Right over the baby. One of these days this kid is going to say "bad puppy" give once fierce kick and send the Chihuahua flying. And I have to admit I am going to be laughing my butt off!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Potato Salad!!!

I think I have officially had my first pregnancy craving. I have had a few minor cravings here and there over the last few months. But nothing that made me feel like I NEED THAT NOW! Friday night I was hungry. I went to the fridge and decided potato salad sounded good. Buuuut it was Ethan's and I didn't want to munch on his food. So I left it there. I sat on the couch with my mind and belly just spinning! I wanted that potato salad and the more I ignored the urge the worse it got. So I hopped up and got the container. I ate the entire container of potato salad. It was so NUMMY. But I was not full. So I ended up licking the container of potato salad clean. LOL Yep I licked it clean and I STILL was not satisfied. I decided because of the bad weather it would not be a good idea to head to the grocery store in the middle of the night for more. But I did decide that I was going to buy more on Saturday. I didn't have time to grab some on my way to work. But my wonderful sweet and loving hubby stopped by the store and picked up a BIG container for me! I could not be more in love with him right now. HA HA HA It is funny how easy it is to please a pregnant woman. With Bryan I craved apples all the time. In any form. I just wanted apples. This baby I seem to so far be craving potatoes. Mashed potatoes taste like white fluffy heaven to me. LOL I realize that potatoes are not as healthy as apples to crave. But I figure I am making up for it by drinking water all the time. I do allow myself the occasional pop. But for the most part I drink bottled water. I have almost had cravings for it. A nice cold bottle of water from the fridge makes me pretty happy. Which is definitely a step up from the gallons of Mountain Dew I drank while pregnant with Bryan. Hey I was young and dumb then! I am older and better read on the pregnancy journey this time around. LOL Anyway I am going to go back to my potato salad now. Hmmmmmm .... potato salad ....

Friday, December 25, 2009

14 weeks

I am 14 weeks pregnant! The baby is now the size of a lemon ... or my fist. Depending on what book I am reading these days. I am doing well. Things are rather ... uneventful right now. I am ecstatic to be in the second trimester. I knew that things would be less dramatic at this point. But I guess you never fully expect it to just drop off so quickly. I am still tired but not as much or as early in the evening. The morning sickness is pretty much gone. I gag every now and then in the morning. But other then that I am feeling well. My joint pain is easing and almost gone now. My left knee still hurts and even pops when I keep it bent for to long. But at least I don't feel like crying every time I move my legs now. We have been celebrating Christmas. Baby's first Christmas ... sort of anyway. I had a ridiculous craving for potato salad. It was to the point that it was humorous. I ate all of daddy's potato salad and was tempted to put some pants on and head to the store for more! I have resisted the urge to go myself or to send daddy running to the store. LOL Things are well. Nothing much is going on which is weird. But I suppose no news is always good news. We will just keep trucking alone. Hopefully some day soon I will be able to feel more then just the bubblies in my belly and the kicks will start.

Friday, December 18, 2009

13 weeks

I am 13 weeks pregnant. Saying good bye to the first trimester and hello to the second trimester! Thank God! I am doing my best to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy. Even the morning sickness. It has been such a long time and so many prayers coming. But I have to admit I am happy to see a milestone that I have not hit in YEARS. It is very exciting and relieving to see the second trimester.

The baby is now the size of a peach. Everything is going pretty well. The morning sickness has eased greatly. I still have the occasional bought of nausea every now and then. But for the most part smells don't make me gag over and over and over again. Strong smells still do. But not the little things anymore. I even had my first cup of coffee in months! Decaff of course. But God did I forget how wonderful coffee tastes! Even though it was decaff and I didn't get an energy jolt from it I remembered how much I enjoyed the relaxation of drinking the nice warm nummy fluid. Ahhhhh!

The fatigue is getting better too. I am still tired of course. Making a tiny little person is hard work. But I don't feel half dead to the world anymore. I am feeling better and looking forward to the day again. I see why woman enjoy the second trimester so much again.

My nose is still constantly running. And now I am sneezing all the time. It is a really tough symptom to have during cold and flu season when you are not yet really looking pregnant. Every one looks cross eyed at me. Sorry folks! I can't help it. And I am just not going to explain to every person that it is just because I am knocked up. LOL

My newest and so far most annoying symptom is knee joint pain. Yes it is worse then the morning sickness. LOL My knees are stiff and sore and just plain killing me most of the time. It makes getting in and out of bed and chairs and the couch hard. I am slow and sore and glad I don't have to walk to far to often. But then oddly enough wandering around the clinic made my knees feel better. So who knows. Maybe I should be walking more to work out the stiffness. I of course Googled the symptom. I read that most woman who have first trimester joint soreness will start to feel better in the second trimester. Then by the third trimester it is gone just about the time that other woman are just starting it. So fingers crossed that it will go away in a few weeks.

We have officially announced to the world that I am pregnant. We made this announcement on Facebook on Tuesday, December 15, 2010:

We are extremely happy to finally announce that I am pregnant! Our first child together is due June 25, 2010! The baby and I are both very healthy and doing well. Bryan can't wait to be a big brother again! I am happy to see the end of the first trimester and look forward to being morning sickness free hopefully some day soon. LOL

So now most of our friends and family know that our little baby blackberry is on his/her way! I am so very happy to finally have been able to share the news. It was such a relief to spill the beans. We have gotten lots of congratulations and well wishes. We thank every one for their kindness and their prayers. It truly does mean the world to us and has helped get us through the hard times and the rough and long road to a healthy baby. Thank you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Trimester Screening

I had the First Trimester Screening test done yesterday. All went well ... a little longer then need be but still well. First I talked to the genetic counselor. She was super nice and explained everything to me. I even got to see pictures of the fluid in a normal baby's neck and the fluid pocket of a baby with Downs Syndrome. That was really nice. I felt more informed and prepared going into the ultrasound. I knew what the technician was looking for and what we did NOT want to see.

I am by no means a professional but I thought every thing looked good. My bladder was not full enough at first for the ultrasound. The baby was laying asleep in such a way that she could not get a good profile view in order to view the baby's neck. So she handed me my bottle of water and told me to drink up. I was instructed to lay on my side for a while and move around in an attempt to wake the kid up and get him/her moved into a better position. HA HA HA She had no idea what a bad idea that was! Maybe I should have warned her! She said she would be back in 10 minutes but didn't come back for 20 minutes. UGH! I really had to pee by then and was mildly scared of her pushing on my belly with that ultrasound wand. Thankfully I did not pee on the table. The second time the baby was WIDE awake and moving all around. As soon as she would settle in on a good place to take the measurement the baby would start wiggling and spinning around to put it's back to the tech. So she would go around to the other side of my belly and the baby would wiggle and spin some more. LOL She commented on what a mover this baby is. Like I said I probably should have warned her that waking the baby up was only going to make it harder to get a good picture! She did manage to sneak in some pictures to take the measurements with and do the general check over of the baby. Heart rate was 142 and the baby is still measuring right on time. And obviously the baby is moving about well on his/her own. LOL I got a few pictures. Still not great pics but what can we expect with a mover like this one! LOL

I went down stairs for the blood test portion. I HATE getting my blood drawn. I have miserable veins and it takes many pokes and several minutes to get blood out of me. Yesterday was no different. They stuck me 3 times in the arm with no luck. The lady asked if she could try the vein in my wrist because it was the only ones they could see and really feel. It worked. It hurt a lot but it worked. The guy that usually takes my blood starting cheering. She does have blood! She does have blood! HA HA HA The lady told me next time I should make sure to drink lots and lots of water before hand. I held up my empty bottle of water and said "Sorry ... I just came from an ultrasound ... I have been drinking water all afternoon." She looked like she wanted to pass out onto the floor. LOL I walked out of there looking like a suicide victim with my wrist all bandaged up. But at least my blood draw was done.

I got the call with the results this morning. I could barely function I was so nervous. I had dreamt last night that they had called me back but refused to give me the results over the phone. I was stuck at work and couldn't get away to go to the clinic to get the answer from the genetic counselor. It was a horrible dream and really shook me up. So when I finally got the phone call with the results I held my breath until she told me. The test was negative! I am NO increased risk of carrying a baby with T18 or Downs Syndrome. My age puts me at a 1/850 chance of a baby with Downs. But after this test my chance is 1/3,000! She said everything looked great and the baby is healthy! I let out a huge gasp of air that I had been holding in. I almost started crying I was so happy!

I have jumped through all of Ethan's hoops. So now I get to tell the world! I am waiting for him to respond to my message on his phone first. I want him to know first that the baby is ok . Then I will put it on Facebook. So soon everybody will know. I can't wait to share the good news!

Here are some pics from the third ultrasound.
The first is a side view of the baby. You can see the head to the left and body to the right. The baby has it's hand up by his/her face. Almost sucking his/her thumb.

The second is a back view of the baby. Again head on the left and body on the right. You can see the baby's spine.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

12 weeks

I am 12 weeks pregnant! The baby is now the size of a plum. This is my last week of the first trimester. I can't wait to put it behind me. It has been a very long time since I have made it into a second trimester. I am looking forward to it very much.

I thought I was in the clear when it came to morning sickness. I was so very wrong. I had 3 or 4 really good days. Things were looking up. I was feeling great! Then BAM morning sickness came back and knocked me clean on my butt. CRAZY! I am hoping that in no time it will be gone for good.

I am feeling the bubbly butterfly rumbling in my lower belly. I know they say that when you have more children it is easier and earlier that you feel the baby start to move. I am impressed by how early I am feeling something. It is not all the time. Just once in a while. Like Wednesday morning at 6 am. I was trying to fall back to sleep but I was totally fascinated by the rolling feeling in my lower belly. It would seem to be to much movement to fast. Except I saw this moving like crazy at my last ultrasound. So I know he/she moves that much and that fast. It goes away as quickly as it comes. I look forward to being able to feel the baby moving more often and with more force. The butterflies almost tickle right now! LOL

I have my first trimester screening on Monday. Hopefully everything will go wonderfully and the baby will be healthy. Then we can finally announce to the world that this baby is on the way. Fingers crossed!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

11 weeks

I am 11 weeks! The end of the first trimester is closing in. The baby is the size of a lime now. I am sure she/he is dancing up a storm down there. I look forward to being able to feel all the movement. I am slowly starting to feel better. The morning sickness and fatigue is starting to lift. I am still queasy. But I am no longer sick as a dog day in and day out. Plus with the help of unisom I am not getting sick over night either. That has been wonderful. I have been getting up earlier and earlier the last few days. I was up at 8 am today and started cleaning the house. Bryan asked why we were cleaning the house if no one was coming to visit. I told him I was feeling better so we had cleaning to catch up on. He was not happy. Especially when I told him in a few more months I will to large and tired to clean much. So it will be his and Ethan's responsibility to clean the house. Again not a happy camper. LOL Things are going well still. It is daddy's 30 birthday today! Happy birthday daddy!!! Next year this baby will be here to help celebrate with us.

Monday, November 30, 2009

First OB Appointment

I had my first OB appointment today. It went very well. The doctor did the usual pelvic exam and pap test kind of stuff. He went over my results from the blood and urine tests I had done last week. Everything looks great. The best part was the ultrasound! I am so glad he decided to do that. He thought it would be a good idea to check in on the baby and make sure he/she is growing properly and still had a heartbeat. The baby looked great! He/she measured at 10 weeks and 5 days. A little ahead of my calculations but pretty darn close. The baby's heart rate was 167 bpm. Which is a fantastic heart rate. The old wives tale says if the baby's heart rate is above 160 it is a girl and below is a boy. Which would be funny because Ethan keep referring to this child as a he. LOL The baby was once again bouncing around like a mexican jumping bean. Ethan and I both were surprised by how much this baby moves around and bounces of the walls of my uterus! While the doctor was trying to get a decent picture the baby spun around and turned his/her back to us. At one point we could see the baby's arms moving around. The kid is already dancing around and doing the wave down there! So things are looking great. We didn't get great pictures because like I said he/she won't hold still. But here is what we got to share!

This is a front view of the baby. You can see the head and body and little arms and legs.

This one is a side view. Mostly you just see the head and the curve of the baby's back.

It is amazing how the rest of the world just fades to black when you are watching your baby on an ultrasound. Ethan and the doctor were talking to each other but I barely noticed either one of them there. All I could see was that little bundle of energy bouncing around and that fantastic little flicker of a heartbeat. I was in heaven.

So all is good. Ethan keeps trying to push back when we tell people so as not to jinx this pregnancy. I am going CRAZY because I want to share our wonderful news so much. Especially now that we know things are going very well. But I guess I will have to just continue to wait ...

Friday, November 27, 2009

10 weeks

I am now 10 weeks pregnant. The baby is the size of a prune. This kiddo is growing pretty quickly right now. I am still sick as a dog and dead tired. I swear it has been getting worse instead of better. Hopefully in another few weeks both will ease up. But it is all for a good reason. So now complaints.

We told our parents for Thanksgiving. They are excited for a new edition in the summer. Still cautiously optimistic.

I had a penicillin allergy test. It was thankfully negative. So that is one less thing to worry about for now. I am hoping I will not get any infections while pregnant. But if I do I know that penicillin and amoxicillin are safe for me to take. Which is good because they are both safe during pregnancy and pretty darn cheap. So that is a good thing.

My first OB appointment is coming up soon. Fingers crossed that it will go much better then it did for my last pregnancy. This is kind of one of the last milestones I want to pass before I can relax and breath more. We have made it past the first ultrasound and the nurse's appointment and the point of loss from last time. Now to get past this appointment which is when I found out during my last pregnancy that something was wrong. And of course making it to 12 weeks and heading into the second trimester. I can't wait to get into the second trimester. Fingers crossed that it will go smoothly.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

9 weeks

I am 9 weeks pregnant! I have officially made it past the date of loss from my last pregnancy. It is time for a mini celebration.

I read some where the other day that early pregnancy symptoms peak at around 9 weeks. I don't remember where I read it. I read a lot of things from a lot of different sources. I am a bit of a book worm. Anyway things like fatigue, morning sickness, sore breasts and so on and so on, all of the typical first trimester symptoms of pregnancy will peak at 9 weeks and then slowly start declining. Some where between 12-14 weeks they should disappear. I know it is different for everybody but boy howdy it appears to be true for me in this pregnancy. The last few days I have been SICK. More sick then I have been so far at all. I am constantly shoveling in small snacks to keep the vomiting at bay. It seems the only cure for my morning sickness is a snack. But not just any snack. It has to be the right snack or meal. And they could turn on me at any moment. What was heaven 5 bites ago is now making my eyes water and threatening to all come back up! It is hard to hide this too. Not a lot of people know yet. So when I am suddenly unable to eat something I have to fake being full. I really am not. I could probably eat a horse. But only if it had the right marinade on it. LOL I am not complaining about morning sickness of course. I am just saying ... BLAH!

The fatigue has kicked in worse too. I get up and get the kid off to school and go back to sleep. I get up and go to class and come home and go back to sleep. I get up and go to work and day dream about sleeping all night. Then I come home and try to unwind with a bedtime snack. With out the snack I will be up in a few short hours trying not to heave stomach acid all over the poor sleeping unsuspecting hubby. Then ... you guessed it ... I sleep. I sleep until morning when I get back up and do it all over again. I am just flat out pooped. It makes doing home work and house work very difficult. Cause I would rather be sleeping!!!

The pregnancy dreams are starting to kick in too. I have had a few over the past few weeks. But not much. However the last few nights have been jam packed. I don't remember most of them. Just the very intense real feeling I get afterward. Like the dream where I couldn't remember who the father was. Or the one where I went back to work just 1 week after the baby was born. YA RIGHT! I am taking 3 months off this time around! I have the paid time off and definitely the desire to just stay home and be a mama and a wife for a little while.

I have moved to stretchy pants. I don't really need them. My regular pants still fit. But OMG the stretchy pants are like a little slice of heaven! I am not allowed to wear pajama pants to work because of our dress code there. How ever we are allowed to wear jeans. These pants look like jeans but feel like jammy pants. It is the most amazing feeling. I will have to go back to Wal-mart and buy more. No doubt about. I am not sure they will last me the entire 9 months. They have a very stretchy waist but I am not totally convinced they are THAT stretchy. Only time will tell. But for now they are magnificent. And it's the little things you have to enjoy when your head is in the toilet.

Monday, November 16, 2009

We told Bryan

Since my last pregnancy ended in miscarriage Ethan and I decided to hold off on telling people that I was pregnant again. This also meant my 11 year old son. I just didn't want to get his hopes up right away like last time. He has a brother and sister on his dad's side but has been wanting one (or two as he said) on my side.

I took Bryan shopping with me today. I decided it was a good time, since we were having a little mommy and me time, to tell him about the baby. He asked me why I was looking at jeans with a stretchy waist and I thought what the heck! I probably couldn't ask for a better ice breaker. LOL I told him because my belly was going to be getting bigger over the next few months and I needed bigger pants to cover the baby. Luckily he caught on to what I meant right away. I asked him if he wanted to be a big brother again. With a huge smile he said yes he could be a big brother to one more sibling ... or two more. What ever works for me and Ethan. HA HA HA

I explained to him that it was still early and the baby was not due until June. There was still a chance that something could go wrong and that the baby could die. We want to wait to tell people until after we are a little more comfortable that the baby will be OK. So he had to keep the secret until Christmas.

He seemed very happy and was making jokes the rest of the night about the baby. He tried to tell me that the cure to morning sickness is meaty pizza. LOL I hate meaty pizza! HA HA HA Bryan seems excited and that makes us happy. Let's just hope he still feels that way when he is back to helping with dirty diapers!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

8 weeks

I am now 8 weeks pregnant. Things are still going well. I feel more and more sick every day. Morning sickness is kicking my butt. But I am doing it with a smile. LOL The fatigue has gotten pretty bad too. I am ready for bed by 7pm most nights. Which is not a good thing since I work until 10pm. The sinus issue has gotten better but not 100% gone. Or maybe I have just gotten used to sniffling and don't notice it anymore. LOL Ethan is already asking when the fatigue and morning sickness ends. Sorry hun! We still have at least a month left of the pucky sleepy Amy. HE HE HE Hopefully some time around 12 weeks it will subside and I will start to have more energy. And less gagging. LOL I am thinking about putting a roll of poop bags from the dogs leashes in my purse. That way if I feel the need to barf in the car I have something to barf into. I am pretty sure I would be unable to drive my car if I get the pucky smell in there. My sense of smell is still far to strong. The preggo brain farts are INSANE. I can't remember anything. It's so crazy that it is funny most of the time. One of these days my coworkers will smack me. But probably not until the baby comes out. LOL

This week the baby is the size of a raspberry. Or maybe even a .... blackberry ... he he he. Yes we are going THERE. I am pretty sure from now on I will call the baby our little blackberry. It's cute and well we are crackberry freaks. So yes from now HELLO LITTLE BLACKBERRY!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I had my first ultrasound on Monday. Everything went great! This baby is measuring well and has a nice heartbeat. I can not begin to explain how much of a relief that was. My last pregnancy I had no idea anything was wrong with the baby until the first ultrasound showed no heartbeat. It was horrible and had me absolutely terrified this time around. But thankfully everything went well Monday. The baby refused to hold still long enough to get a good picture or to record it's heartbeat. Brings on a whole new meaning to mexican jumping bean. LOL But things look good. The baby appears healthy. I got the OK from the fertility clinic to move on up to obstetrics! So now I can see a normal OB for the remainder of my pregnancy. WOOT WOOT! Aside from the morning sickness let's hope the rest of this pregnancy continues on as smoothly as the last few weeks have gone.

Friday, November 6, 2009

7 weeks

I am 7 weeks pregnant. The baby is the size of a blueberry this week. Things are going well. I am exhausted and queasy as all get out. But that is a good thing. My nose has been running none stop. I am constantly sniffling and blowing my nose. I guess the increase of mucus is coming from EVERYWHERE these days! LOL

We just returned from our vacation. We had planned this group vacation a long time ago. I had joked that since we got engaged on our first trip to Vegas and married on our second trip then I should either be pregnant or get pregnant the third time. Well sure enough! And boy howdy was I pregnant on this trip! I went on vacation to Florida while pregnant with Bryan. I have to admit traveling while 7 months pregnant was much easier then traveling while 7 weeks pregnant. The morning sickness came and went often. I never knew when it was going to strike. I could be feeling on top of the world one moment and sick as a dog the next. My stomach turned on my so many times I think I got whip lash! LOL The fatigue was crazy bad. We were go go go all week. Which is great but exhausting to say the least. I did not get a chance to nap every day either. And those were the hard days. A pregnant lady NEEDS a nap. But ya it just didn't happen sometimes. Our friend took video of the trip. You can tell on what days I was decently rested and what days I did not get to nap. The dark circles under my eyes looked horrid! BUT as I always say and continue to believe it is all a small price to pay. I pray this baby is healthy and that will make all the discomfort well worth it. I have an ultrasound on Monday. God willing everything will be ok and our little blueberry will have a strong heartbeat. Fingers crossed!

Friday, October 30, 2009

6 weeks

So this morning I was reading my email updates that I get every Friday now when I become another week more preggo. I am 6 weeks today. I like reading about what size the baby is now. Well today I was told the baby is the size of a lentil bean! A BEAN! Wasn't this baby a poppy seed just the other day? LOL They grow so quickly! Another website said the baby is the size of a sweet pea. Awwwww! I think a sweet pea is the same size as a bean anyway. Sweet pea sounds sweeter to me. But bean is fun too. LOL

So far so good. I am tired a lot. I have my good days and I have my days where I don't wanna roll out of bed for anything. I was feeling a little queasy before. But when I woke up yesterday morning to get Bryan off to school I learned just what real morning sickness can feel like. I have been sick as a dog or just over 24 hours now. It is off and on but the queasy is always on. I almost puked yesterday morning. Of course I was trying to get out the door and off to class. But I had to stop and drop my backpack and run for the potty. I did not puke thankfully. I suffered off and on all day yesterday. And I woke up sick again this morning. I made some breakfast and feel better now. But I feel mostly better while sitting and resting. I fear when I get out of this chair it will all disappear and I will be pukey feeling again. BUT it is well worth it if it means the baby is healthy and happy tucked away in there.

Just a week and a half until my first ultrasound! Fingers crossed and prayers raised high that everything will go well that day. Until then I am going to enjoy my lovely vacation with Ethan and our friends. It should be oodles of fun!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Slowely creeping in

Pregnancy symptoms are slowly creeping in more and more. Every day I feel more sick and tired and my boobs get bigger and more sore. It is crazy. I spent all day today on the verge of falling asleep. I actually dozed off in the car on Saturday while we were driving around. I am just pooped out all the time this weekend. I didn't get out of bed until 11am on Sunday. Laid back down for an hour nap until 7pm. I was ready for bed again by 9pm. I would be sleeping right now if I had remembered to wash Ethan's uniforms. UGH! That boy has got to start washing his own uniforms. I am to tired for it these days. Saturday night ... or should I say Sunday morning I was up from 3-4am because of morning sickness. Ya that was some seriously early morning sickness. And not at all fun to wake up to. BUT I am not complaining. We worked hard to get here. It is all worth it as long as we come out 35 weeks from now with a healthy baby. That is all that matters. OK I am going to go snooze on the couch until the washing machine is done so I can put his uniforms in the dryer.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It is late. I am exhausted. I have to be up in 5 hours to get Bryan off to school. I have class in the morning. But the "morning" sickness is keeping me up. I use the term morning very loosely. The last 2 days I have been feeling queasy. But not in the morning. Nope! My "morning" sickness appears to be running wild in the afternoon and evening and even late night. I prefer the name progesterone poisoning to morning sickness. Morning sickness just sounds like a horrid lie. I think I might go lay down on the couch for a while. My tossing and turning won't disturb Ethan. It is a quick sprint to the toilet if need be. And maybe if I am lucky I will doze off there for at least a little bit.

Last of the bunch

These are the last tests in the bunch. OK I am kinda lying. I do have one test left. It is a digital test. All those do is say PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT. So they are more exciting in some ways and less exciting in others. I don't know what I am going to do with that one. I am sure at some point I will decide to pee on it. LOL

This first test is an internet cheapie test. I got them off from eBay ... well I don't know how long ago. Some time when I bought a bunch of OPKs from there I am sure. Anyway these tests are annoying because they take so much HCG for them to give you a decent looking positive test. It makes me want to scream. No wonder they are cheap. They are crap! You are dang near squatting the kid out by the time you get a BFP with one of these! But they come free with the similar and far better working OPK tests. So I had a few laying around.

The next one is just your average run of the mill + or - test. The blue dyes always work less effectively for me. I don't know if it is me or if every one has problems. But the pink colored tests have been working much better for me this time around. That is why I held out on taking this test. I wanted to see a nice strong dark + sign. Well I got my wish.

Well that is it. No more tests left. Unless I go out and buy more which I am pretty sure would drive Ethan over the crazy cliff. LOL I think I have met my pee stick quota for ... well for a life time. he he he Now I just get to sit and agonize over how the ultrasound will turn out. Good thing they don't sell those in Wal-mart. We would be broke in no time ...

Monday, October 19, 2009

No need

I know there is no need for this. But I have tests left. So I shall pee on them!
But when you have waited for so many years and tried so hard it is hard not to fall in love with that sight. OK I will go back to my homework now. he he he

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fantastic Shopping Trip!

I had today off. No school and no work. I dropped Bryan off with his aunt for the weekend. I had the entire day all to myself! So I went to the mall. I found tons of baby clothes on sale. I received an email while I was out shopping. It said that today the baby is the size of a poppy seed. Hmmm ... I think these clothes might still be to big. LOL I am looking at clothes for a baby who is as tiny as a POPPY SEED! That is a crazy thought. And why if the baby is only that big do my jeans already feel tight? Add bloating to my pregnancy symptoms. Small price to pay!

I headed to Motherhood Maternity to see if there was a snow balls chance in hell that they might have pregnancy sleep bras or nursing bras for a plus sized girl like myself. Much to my surprise since the last time I was pregnant they have expanded to actually have a plus sized section! It's not very big. Just a few racks. But it was an improvement over the last time I was in there. And there on the wall was exactly what I had been looking for. Ginormous nursing and sleep bras made just for ginormous boobies like mine. WOOHOO! I don't need them yet. But it was nice to know that they actually do exist in town and not just on the internet.

The lady who was working in the store asked me how I was doing. With out thinking about it first I said "tired". My mind instantly went CRAP! Why would this lady even care that I am tired? Who did I think I was talking to? She smiled and said "Well of course you are tired! Your body is very busy right now!" Boy is she lucky that I am actually pregnant. HA HA HA I couldn't help but smile. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy. When you are not pregnant and you say you are tired everybody says things like "Oh you think YOU'RE tired??? Let me tell you something!" or "You don't know the meaning of the word tired until you ..." It can be kind of annoying sometimes. But for once I got away with just being tired. I had a good excuse and somebody acknowledged it. *sigh* That was fabulous!

And of course for fun I have a HPT pic for the day. You would think after 4 at home pee tests and 1 blood test I would be satisfied. And I am. But I have a bunch of tests left over. So it can't hurt to take one every few days and enjoy watching the plus signs get darker! And here is today's BFP (Big Fat Positive) for your viewing pleasure! OK for my viewing pleasure and daddy Ethan's cause nobody else knows about this blog yet. But someday I will let the rest of you in on the secret!


Beta Test Results

Thursday morning I went to the clinic to have blood drawn. My RE requires a positive blood pregnancy test before they will allow us to schedule the first ultrasound. So I headed off to the vampires and made my donation of blood. Infertility has really made me sick of getting poked by needles. But I know it will not get an better during pregnancy. Oh well! Small price to pay!

I called the nurse later that afternoon for the results. She said a positive test was anything above a 5. When they typically do these tests on woman 50 is a very good number to have. Well my HCG levels were at 74.5 on Thursday!!! The nurse said considering the fact that I had not even actually missed my period yet that was a fantastic number! Maybe all those jokes about Clomid twins weren't so far off. Be careful what you wish for. LOL

I scheduled my ultrasound for Monday, November 9, 2009. That is right after we get back from vacation. I would have done it on the 6th but we would still be in Arizona that day. So that would not have worked. I look forward to getting a chance to check in on our baby. Hopefully everything will be healthy and we will get to see a heartbeat. Hopefully there won't be a whole litter of babies in there. Octomom I am not nor do I care to be! One healthy baby ... maybe even two if we are REALLY lucky is all I am asking for.

Fingers crossed and prayers raised high that this is just the beginning of the good news and a healthy pregnancy.


Ladies and gentleman we have an announcement! I am pregnant! Ethan and I are having a baby!


WHEW! That felt good to get off my chest. Now shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You can't tell anyone. At least not yet anyway. I am only 4 weeks pregnant and it is far to early to share this news. That is part of the reason I started this blog. I have a blog.
I have talked all about being a mom and a wife and living on a farm and our struggles with miscarriage and infertility. Eventually I will also post these posts on that blog. But for now in an effort to keep our little secret quite until the second trimester I created a new blog here. It just for me and the baby!


Once we reach the 12 week mark. And God willing we will get there this time. We will tell ALL of our friends and family. I will be in my second trimester by Christmas time. So we are hoping to tell our parents for Christmas ... again ... only this time I will be MUCH farther along. So we should be in the clear by then.

Part of the reason I created this blog is to give friends and family a place to go to keep up to date on us. See how we are doing. Read any good news we have to share. And to know what is going on when ever they have time and the desire to check in on us. I will post pictures of what ever I can as often as I can.


Because it is fun.


And I really enjoy doing it.


So be prepared!

Our baby is due on June 25th and I am currently 4 weeks along. So I still have a long way to go. Fingers crossed that it will all go smoothly and we will both come out healthy and happy 36 weeks from now!

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