Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pregnancy Dreams

Pregnancy dreams are notorious for being wild. I have had plenty in the last 32 weeks. I enjoy the fun ones. Wink wink ... they have happy endings. I have been able to go with the flow with the more odd ones. Dreams of the baby's arm hanging out of the side of my belly are odd but pretty darn funny once I wake up and look back at them. How ever there are dreams that are not fun. They are wild and not in a good way.

I have had nightmares many times. I don't really remember many as a kid. And most of the ones I have had as an adult are about unpleasant situations. Mostly being cheated on by some one I love or some one important to me dying. They wake you up in a cold sweat and feeling icky afterward. Usually after a few hours or the opportunity to talk it out with some one you feel better. This was not that kind of nightmare I had this morning. I had an actual monster in my house kinda nightmare. And it lead to me yelling in my sleep! I don't think I have ever yelled in my sleep before. Ethan had to wake me up. That is a first too. Once he figured out it was me making that odd wailing noise. LOL I was laughing after he woke me up and had trouble stopping the laughter. Partially because I was embarrassed that he just had to wake me up and partially because of the pure relief I was feeling that it was only a dream. So here it goes. The dream that made me yell out for the first time, that I am aware of anyway, in my entire life.

In my dream it was dark out. I think it was night time. Bryan was gone and Ethan had just gone to bed. I always stay up way later then anyone else in the house. For some odd reason I thought it would be a good idea to color. In the dark. ??? I don't get it either. So I went into Wyatt's nursery and grabbed a coloring book and a box of crayons and headed to the couch to get comfy.

Now I have to explain to you one of my worst fears. I have been this way all of my life. No matter where I live I have this fear that I am going to look out a window and see some one or something staring back at me. People used to walk through my mother's yard when I was a kid at night and jump the fence to get into the next neighborhood. I think that is where it stems from. It was bad at my mother's house and the apartment Ethan and I had many years ago now. But it got amped up to a whole new level when we moved out here to the farm. In town if you rolled over to see some one staring in your window it would be horribly creepy but not far fetched. How ever out here it doesn't just mean that some one was wandering through your yard to get some where else. It means some one is in your yard, in the middle of the night, out in the middle of no where and they are up to NO GOOD! Grab your gun and your German Shepherd and show em why your proud to be a redneck! LOL

I sometimes wonder if I have seen to many Friday the 13th movies in my life. I have these ideas of big bulky kinda sorta dead guys with machetes wandering past my window too. It took me a long time to admit to Ethan as to why I INSISTED on the shades being drawn at night. Even when we have a fan in the bedroom window at night I have to have the top part of the window above the fan covered with a curtain. It's not that I am a vampire and hate the sun. It's not that I don't want people seeing into my house during the day. I just have an irrational fear that some one or something scary as hell will be watching me while I sleep. It may be time to lay off the Stephen King books. Ya never know. So on to the rest of the dream ....

So after gathering my coloring goodies I head to the couch. I look up to see what looks like the shadow of a human figure in the kitchen window above the sink. Anybody who has been to my house might be aware of the fact that the window over the sink is actually up pretty high from the ground outside. In order for me to see a person's body they would have to be 8 feet tall or as I quickly became aware of hovering outside the window. AHHHH! I step closer to see this figure looks like a dead dusty corpse. Remember the crypt keeper from the Tales From the Crypt movies and TV show? Ya it kinda looked like that. It wasn't moving and it's head was hanging unnaturally with it's jaw resting on it's chest. Once I realize what it was I start to scream. I for some reason can't turn away from this thing and run into the bedroom to Ethan. So I am standing in the middle of the living room screaming at the top of my lungs in hopes of waking Ethan up so he can come and save me. Well .... I guess I was really calling out to him. LOL I remember being in the dream and thinking what is wrong with my scream??? I was making the attempt to yell as loud and as high as I could to wake him up. But instead this very odd wailing sound was coming out of me and I couldn't figure out why. Thankfully my wailing woke Ethan and he was able to wake me up from the nightmare.

It was odd and disturbing and yet funny as hell. That has never happened to me before. I totally blame the pregnancy hormones. They truly mess with you. It is just plain crazy. I didn't even try to go back to sleep after the dream. I just got up and went into the living room. Not before peeking my head out into the living room and making sure that nothing was watching me from the kitchen window. Yes I really checked. I am a dork. I know it. LOL To my relief nobody was out there so I was safe to come out. I am tired and would really like some more sleep. Hopefully I will not have another nightmare while home alone. And if I do and start yelling again I hope that Bo wakes me up. He is a good dogger that way. LOL


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dental hygeine is important during pregnancy

Bryan and I had dentist appointments today. It was our first appointments at a new dentist covered by Ethan's insurance. I was nervous about going to some one new but it went wonderfully. Bryan did very well. No cavities, got a cleaning and a fluoride treatment and he is good to go for the next 6 months.

I did well too. No cavities but I do have to have a filling that fell out refilled. The dentist says it is fine to wait until after Wyatt is born. But he does do a "prenatal" cleaning. A hygienist gets in there really deep. Not just the teeth but really under the gums as much as possible. Gum disease can be a trigger for preterm labor. This dentist likes to do this type of cleaning some time during his patients pregnancy. It is usually done earlier then I am going to have it done. But he still thinks it would be a good idea for me to do it now. Plus then I am set cleaning wise for 6 months also. I look forward to having a deep cleaning of my teeth and to get it done and out of the way before Wyatt comes. I can do the filling at any time so no rush.

It was weird to sit in the dentist chair while pregnant. This was my first time. He asked if I was OK to sit half upside down like they make you sit. I said I was fine. Wyatt didn't agree. I guess he just doesn't like being upside down. Maybe that is why he is still breech. LOL He started wiggling and kicking. At one point he planted his feet on my pelvic bone and pushed up as hard as he could and very quickly. It gave my whole belly a jolt towards my head. It was pretty funny.

My dentist's wife is also pregnant. She is due 1 week after I am. Small world! He joked about seeing us at the hospital when the boys are born. Ya never know! He seems like a great guy and a very good dentist. He had no problem sitting down and talking through things with me and Bryan. He set up a game plan for me and one for Bryan and some adult teeth he has growing over top of some baby teeth. We even discussed when it would be a good time to bring Wyatt in for his first appointment. Don't worry Wyatt. You still have a good 3 years before you have to start going. I am very happy with the switch and hope it continues to go well for many years to come.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

30 weeks

We have reached the big 3-0!!! 30 weeks pregnant! Another great milestone in a healthy and relatively easy pregnancy. I complain about aches and pains and how tired I am getting but truthfully things have been very easy. It could be so much worse and I am so grateful that things are going well still.

Wyatt is doing well still. His movements have changed. He is still active as ever. Wyatt's movements used to be a lot of punches and kicks. Now that he is bigger and running out of room to move it feels more like rolling. He will apply pressure some where and then slide that body part across my belly. It is a weird and neat feeling. Unfortunately my belly button seems to be pissing him off. I don't know what his beef with it is but he beats on it often. All day today he has been punching my belly button from the inside. That area of my belly is tender and sore from all the abuse. LOL His feet have slipped down into my pelvis now too. He has started kicking my bladder and cervix again. Only this time his legs and feet are bigger and stronger. Sometimes I would swear he was about to kick his foot right on out of my cervix! That would not be cool. LOL

Wyatt often gets the hiccups now. Every single day. I remember how much it drove me nuts with Bryan and Wyatt seems to be following suit. I try really hard to move around and reposition him so that he is not bumping the same place over and over again. But it doesn't work. So I end up with him kicking my pubic bone over and over again. It might be annoying but at least it means he is practicing hard at breathing so he will be ready when he is born. Which will hopefully not be for another 7-10 weeks.

If Mr. Wyatt decides to make his appearance as early as his brother did he could be here in 7 weeks. WOW!!! That is just unreal! It seemed so far away not that long ago. Now it is just a matter of time before he gets here. Thankfully we have the nursery almost done. I am going to pick up the changing table after class today and get it set up. The room has been painted. The decorations are hung on the wall. The crib is put together and ready for Wyatt's first night at home. We have the important stuff bought so we are pretty much ready to roll. Here are a few pics from Wyatt's nursery.



It turned out perfectly and I am so excited! It is just how I imagined it to be. Fantastic! The red and white give it a very nice, warm, homey feel to the room.

I am looking forward to May. We have so much going on. OB appointment, baby shower, Mother's Day, birth classes, the end of the semester and before you know it June will be here and I will be starting my maternity leave. WOOHOO! I can not wait!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

3 hour glucose tolarence test

I took the 3 hour glucose tolerance test on Wednesday. It took 4 hours. *eye roll* I got there at 8 am and got called back a few minutes later. I got the really hot male nurse. He was perdy and he smelled amazing. I hope I wasn't blushing to much. He spent 15 minutes poking and prodding and searching both of my arms for a good vein to put the IV in. It wasn't working. I ended up with 3 nurses standing around me, all of them with their fingers poking at my arms, and none of them having much luck. They put little hot packs on my arms and then wrapped them in warm blankets. My chair was tilted backwards in hopes of coaxing some more blood down to my arms. FINALLY the lady who did my 1 hour draw managed to get the IV in my arm. It took 30 minutes. UGH! I hate having sucky veins.

Then I went back out to the waiting room to join the other preggos for our hourly blood draws. There wasn't a crazy lady to entertain me this time. Well OK there was a kinda crazy lady but she stayed in her chair the whole time. Except when she got up and sat in the seat I was sitting in while I was in the bathroom. ??? Was my seat warmer then yours? A prettier color? I have no idea why she got up and sat in my chair but she did. She was really rude and demeaning to her husband. She was talking to him like he was a little kid. I felt bad for the poor guy. He snipped at her a little bit once because she wanted to go eat lunch and it wasn't even 10am yet. He said no not yet and she blew up at him. When she wasn't giving him crap she was on her cell phone telling every one she knows and God how is tests were going for the day and just how his illness in general is stressing her out so much and she is just so run down and life is so hard for her. Ummmm ... yes I am sure it is but it is your husband who is sick. At least show him enough respect to not gossip about him to every one on your contact list. So I guess I did have one crazy lady to entertain me for 1 of the 4 hours I was there.

The blood draws went pretty well. I got yelled at by once nurse because I came in carrying my purse on the shoulder of the arm the IV was in. Then I bent my arm to do something stupid like itch my nose or something anyway. She yelled at me again for bending my arm. OY! So then I felt awkward because it felt like I was walking around like a zombie all morning trying not to bend my arm.

I went back for my last draw and she took the IV out of my arm. I was not expecting my arm to explode! She took the IV out and was reaching to put it all in the red bin when BAM blood spurted out of my arm and started pooling in the crook of my elbow. I could tell she got a little frantic but I was just trying not to laugh. They had a hell of time getting blood out of me in the first place. Then when they don't want it I blow up! LOL

The nurse told me that if I failed the test they would call either Wednesday night or Thursday morning. But no news was good news. Well the clinic never called so I am assuming that means I passed the test. If they call me Friday morning and tell me I failed and need to come in to see the diabetic dietitian I will be uber pissed. LOL That would so be my luck. UGH! But as far as I know I passed and everything is good!

Monday, April 5, 2010

7 month OB Appointment

I was up bright and early this morning. Actually I barely slept the night before. I had heartburn and then I just couldn't settle down since I was nervous. Top that all off with a dog who always barks at the worst times outside your bedroom window. UGH! So anyway I had my 1 hour blood glucose tolerance test this morning and my 28 week check up with my OB.

I got right in at every appointment today. I went back and talked to the lady about what would happen during the test. She gave me a big glass of clear liquid that tasted like a very flat Sprite. It was suppose to be cold but it actually tasted room temperature. Maybe that was because it was so flat. Anyway I had 5 minutes to drink it but I got it down in 1 minute. It really wasn't that bad. Just not something I would drink for fun. I remember a toxic orange drink that was smaller but much nastier when I was pregnant with Bryan. I guess they have improved the drink over the last decade. Taste wise anyway. I went and sat down to kill an hour. I forgot my book in the car and for some reason my Blackberry just wasn't keeping me entertained.

Although the large girl who I eventually figured out was another one of the preggos there for the nasty 3 hour test was entertaining. It took me a long time to decide if she was in fact a she. Then I really didn't think she was pregnant until one of the other 3 hour preggos said something to her. She was nuts. Maybe the glucose drink was making her insane. I don't know. But she started grabbing random chairs from around the room and putting them where she wanted them to lean on or to put her feet up on. I saw her kick of her shoes and lay across one love seat and into another nearby chair. Then she disappeared and I thought she had gone to the bathroom around the corner. Nope she had plunked herself down at one of the check in computers and was attempting to access the internet. OMG! Who does that??? Some little old lady nurse comes over and tells her that the computer is for staff use only and was she trying to get on the internet? That was very much not allowed. A normal person would say oh I am sorry I didn't know, turn red and get the heck out of the chair. No not this woman. She refused to get up and just keeps repeating "but the girl back there said I could use this computer" over and over and over again. NOBODY CARES! You are not suppose to be on the nurse's computer trying to access your Facebook. GET OFF! She eventually did give up and wander back to the den of chairs she had made. But not with out sulking and stomping her feet across the room. UGH! And this woman is having a baby??? OY! I am scared!

Anyway I did pretty good with the test. I felt a little shaky some where in the middle. But I felt fine by the time I went back to have my blood drawn. I have impossible veins and hate getting my blood drawn. Not because it hurts or because I don't like blood. Just because it takes FOREVER for anyone to find a good vein. And it always takes at least 3 sticks to get any blood out of me. This woman poked and prodded and alcohol wiped my whole dang arms I swear. BUT she struck blood on her very first try! I give the blue scrub lady mad props for a job well done. HA HA HA

I had some time to kill so I wandered between buildings at Mayo. Looked through the shop in the Ghonda building. The coffee smelled amazing but I didn't want to be the preggo with the coffee that all the people were giving dirty looks to. So I kept going. I stopped at half the bathrooms between the Mayo Building and the Charlton Building because the had given me a large glass of ice water while I waited my hour. She said it was all I could have until after the test. So I sipped on that bugger for an hour and of course now I had to pee every 5th step. UGH!

My appointment with my OB wasn't until 10 am but finally by 9:30 I had gotten bored and just went upstairs to the waiting room. I checked in and sat down with my bottle of water and the granola bars I had brought with me to eat after the test. I thought I had plenty of time since it was still a good 25 minutes before my appointment. I scarfed one down and had started on the next when my pager started buzzing. I grabbed all my stuff and walked over to the nurse with a face still stuffed with granola. LOL She just laughed. I apologized and told her I had just done my glucose test and thought I would have enough time to eat something quick. She told me not to worry. She saw pregnant woman snacking in the waiting room all the time. Good. I am not the only idiot. LOL

The appointment went well. My blood pressure continues to be good. Wyatt's heart rate was 146 bpm. Fantastic! I have gained a few pounds but considering how much I have lost it is not a big deal. I am still down 10 pounds from my starting weight. My OB didn't even bring it up. He measured my belly, got a weird look on his face, looked back at the computer, grabbed a new tape measure and measured again. I am 28 weeks right now. My belly measures at 33 weeks. OY! He did some poking and prodding around of my belly. He said that the baby is breech and riding rather high in my belly. Wyatt did measure 1 week ahead at the time of my ultrasound so we knew ahead of time that he was a bigger baby. But 5 weeks seems a bit extreme. My Dr. is sure it is just because he sits so high that my uterus is stretched up more then it normally would be at this point. And who knows that may have something to do with the malformation of my uterus. Either way baby seems to be really healthy with a good heart rate and a lot of movement. So he was not worried. I will have an ultrasound done at my next appointment at 32 weeks. He will be able to get a few measurements then to see how big he really is and what position the baby is in. He is breech now and if he stays that way I am going to have to have a c-section again. Like I have said several times before due to my malformation it is impossible to safely turn my babies from the outside. He did mention that if baby is a LOT bigger then he might not let me go to my due date and I would have to have a c-section. He is not comfortable using pitocin on woman who are attempting VBACs and I agree with him. No matter what my situation was I am not a big fan of pitocin and do not want to use it. My mother has given pitocin when she was pregnant with me and over due. She said the drip started and a contraction started. It DID NOT STOP until the turned the drip back off. I have pretty much said heck no since she told me that story. LOL So I guess we will know in another month what his birth should be. But right now between him being breech and being bigger I am looking more and more at another c-section. Which really is fine with me. As long as we are both healthy that is all that matters.

My doctor thought my lab results would be up by the time I got to my appointment but they were not. He said they don't take long to get so a nurse should be calling me at any minute with the results. 3 hours later I had not gotten a call so I called the nurses desk. And I got laughed at. UGH! She said that the results are not usually in until late afternoon and they don't call woman back until the next morning. Oooooooooooh well don't I feel like a dummy. I apologized and told her that my Dr. thought they would be up right away and told me I would have the results soon. I didn't mean to be a pain I was just hoping to get my results right away. She laughed a lot and very loudly. Geez! She said she would have some one look it up for me and call me back to let me know if the results were up or not.

Well I got the call a little bit ago. And sadly I failed my 1 hour blood glucose tolerance test. Booooo! Hisssssssss! The number had to be under 140 and my number was 169. So it was not horrible but still with in the range to order the 3 hour test. The nurse gave me the phone number to call to schedule the next test. I called it right away and I guess threw them off guard. The nurse who I had talked to was just walking up to the appointment desk with the order for the 3 hour test as I was talking to the appointment desk lady. LOL Again I hate to be pushy but I just wanna get this done! So I have it scheduled for 8 am on Wednesday morning. I do not have school or work that day so I can easily spend my morning chugging that flat pop again and twiddling my thumbs as I wait. I will NOT forget my book in the car this time. LOL I am bummed but so many people have failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour test. So fingers crossed that I am one of the lucky ones who gets put through the glucose ringer for nothing.

Friday, April 2, 2010

28 weeks

28 weeks
7 months
3rd trimester

It's been a long time coming but we are finally here! The last leg of this pregnancy is upon us. Baby Wyatt continues to kick and grow more every day. He should be roughly between 2.5 - 3 pounds now and 13-15 inches long. He is able to open and close his eyes. I hear that he might even start turning his head toward lights bright enough to see through my belly. He is able to recognize familiar voices like mine and Ethan's.

Wyatt has been unable to decide which way he wants to face. Right after my 24 week OB appointment he flipped head down and stayed that way for roughly 3 weeks. But the other night he flipped himself back around and is breech again. UGH! It hurts when he flips because he is running out of room to do so. But I would rather he gave it one more good flip and get himself in the proper position for me to attempt a VBAC. But for now he enjoys planting his feet on my pelvic bone and pushing his round little melon up through the top of my belly. It is so weird to be able to feel now exactly where his head is when he stretches. I remember that with Bryan but even that was years and years ago.

I noticed for the first time a few nights ago Wyatt had the hiccups. He kept kicking my pelvic bone over and over and over again rather rhythmically. It didn't hurt but it was driving me nuts. Eventually I realized that he was not doing it on purpose. He must have been having hiccups that were making him bump into me. It has happened every day for the last couple of days. It is still in the cute and interesting phase. But I remember how annoying hiccups can be when the baby is bigger and pretty much shakes your belly every time. LOL Bryan had them all the time. As soon as he quit I started up. Let's hope Wyatt doesn't have them to often. The good news is that hiccups mean he is practicing and improving his breathing so his lungs will be strong when he is born. The bad news is it drives you nuts and there is nothing you can do about it. LOL

I am doing pretty well. I am getting tired a LOT faster. I hate feeling winded all the time. Even an overly exuberant conversation can make me winded. Drives me nuts! I don't feel much like walking any where any more due to the lack of energy and the lack of ability to breath well. So I try to do things in short spurts and rest in between. I constantly feel like I am running behind and that stinks. But I do what I can and try really hard to get some one to help me with the rest.

I had a horrible revisit of morning sickness. I hear it is pretty common in the third trimester due to more hormonal fluctuations. I woke up yesterday morning, got dressed, walked out to the living room and puked. I had to cover my mouth to keep it in long enough to make it to the bathroom. I went from hmmm my belly doesn't feel so good to barfing my guts out in 2 seconds flat! NOT COOL! LOL I have my queasy moments but at least I am not having the constant all day every nausea I had during the first trimester. So of course I am now covered in stress induced hives on my face. UGH! Why can't I just puke, rinse and move on with my day like normal people? Small price to pay ... I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

I have my next OB appointment on Monday. I start the morning off with that horrible little sugar torture they like to call a glucose test. Fingers crossed that I pass the 1 hour glucose test with flying colors and I don't even have to think about the 3 hour one. BLAH! A lot of people I know are failing one or both tests and being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Not cool. Let's hope I am not next on that long list. My 28 week OB appointment is shortly after the test. My doctor said he should have the lab results ready to pull up on the computer by the time I make it to my appointment. So hopefully I will know right away what my fate is. I just hope it is good news and my appointment goes smoothly.