Thursday, December 30, 2010

6 months old

I am so far behind on blogging it is crazy. Wyatt and work have been keeping me so busy I just not had time to sit down and write. Which is sad because I love writing. So here is a quick update on my little baby boo!

Wyatt is 6 months old ... almost 7 months old now. He is rolling every where and creeps around the floor. It is not exactly crawling because he is on his belly not his knees. But he gets to anything he wants to get to and a whole lot that he isn't suppose to be getting to. I am so happy to see him playing with toys. I would be a little more happy if he wasn't launching them across the room half the time. Wyatt loves his jumparoo. He can jump and play with the toys on the tray for hours.

While Wyatt is still mostly just on milk he has started solid foods. He isn't the biggest fan but slowly he is accepting more and more food. Wyatt LOVES the mashed potatoes at one of our favorite restaurants. We usually run out before he gets full. I am looking forward to giving him finger foods soon. I think he will do well. Everything else ends up in his mouth. Why not a little food every now and then. I continue to pump breast milk for Wyatt but I do not make much. A bought of the flu recently made a bad situation worse. So I only pump a few ounces a day. It is very frustrating that my body is weaning long before I am ready to. But I am happy that I have given Wyatt almost 7 months of breast milk. Even if it is largely supplemented now with formula. I will continue to pump until my body gives up completely or Wyatt turns one year old. Which ever comes first.

We have had some rotten illnesses lately. It sucks pretty bad when Wyatt is sick. He just lays there and whines non stop. Very exhausting and frustrating. I wish I could explain to him that sleeping will make him better. Moaning at the top of his lungs not so much. But of course he doesn't understand that.

So we are doing well. Wyatt is growing and developing well. His weight is on the low end but Bryan was the same way. I am sure Wyatt will catch up too. Until his next appointment at 9 months I will just have to fatten the baby bear up.