Monday, March 8, 2010

6 Month Dr. Appointment

I had my 24 week OB appointment this morning. It went very well. Everything is still looking great for both me and the baby.

My blood pressure is still down and doing well. I have lost 1 pound since my last appointment a month ago. That is not an amazing loss but honestly any loss during pregnancy is different. Being that I am a plus size mama it is perfectly ok for me to lose some weight. I really didn't expect it to happen. I thought I was going to have to struggle to keep my weight gain from getting out of hand. But Wyatt is growing bigger and stronger every day and I lose a little more weight every visit. It might change by the time my third trimester rolls around. I gained all of my weight in the last month of my pregnancy with Bryan. So it is still possible I will gain weight some where down the line. But at this point I have an almost extra 20 pounds of leeway for my total pregnancy weight gain.

The doctor had me hop up on to the table to check out the baby. Well maybe hop isn't the best word these days. LOL He checked my fundus (top of my uterus) and it is nice and high. Maybe a little on the high side but Wyatt has been known to ride a little high in my belly anyway. He is going to have to start growing OUT cause he really doesn't have much more room to grow up anymore. LOL His heart rate was in the 140s which is fantastic!

We did discuss Wyatt being breech at this appointment. He spends a LOT of time with his feet kicking my bladder and cervix. While he does flip over every know and then and kick my belly button he spends most of his time head up and feet down. He has presented breech during my last couple of ultrasounds. It is still possible for him to settle in head down so that I can attempt a VBAC. But my doctor warned me not to get my heart set on one type of birth or the other. There is a good chance that due to his frequent breech positioning and the malformation of my uterus that I will have to have a repeat c-section. He will do an ultrasound at my 32 week check up and we will make the decision then. So while there is still a chance at a VBAC he is leaning more towards a c-section. Only time will tell and he hopes that I get my chance at a successful VBAC. But we are not a normal case and we have to do what is best for me and the baby. I am perfectly happy either way as long as baby and I both come out of this birth experience healthy.

I have to admit on my way out of the parking ramp I started crying. Maybe it is the hormones or maybe it is just everything we have been through. It is most likely a mix of both. But I cried. We have been through so much. We have tried so hard for so long to have a healthy baby. There have been so many obstacles and loss and heartbreak to get to a healthy baby. We are not there yet but we are well on our way. This pregnancy has been fantastic and Wyatt is so healthy and strong. Hearing the doctor tell me today that I am doing a great job and we are both healthy and to see him so optimistic that this pregnancy will have a happy ending takes my breath away. Every baby is amazing and a miracle. But I just don't think people can truly understand what a unbelievably amazing miracle a healthy baby is unless they have struggled to achieve that baby. I know I took Bryan being so healthy for granted. I could not have understood back then what a healthy baby really means. We are so very blessed to have one healthy son and another one on the way. We are blessed!

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