Thursday, March 4, 2010

24 weeks

I am 24 weeks pregnant! Time is flying and yet my due date seems so far away. Things have been going pretty well. Wyatt is roughly 12 inches long now and about 1 1/2 pounds. He is the size of a papaya. I don't really know how big that is. But I have read else where that he is the size of a football. That makes more sense to me. I definitely feel like I have at least a football in my belly.

Wyatt is a wiggle monster. He has settled down in the mornings over the last 2 weeks. But it picks up around noon and then game on! He kicks a lot and pretty hard sometimes. My bladder seems to be one of his favorite targets. But he has also taken a liking to my belly button. Now that is a new kind of pain. Getting your belly button kicked from the inside. Shocking! I am glad he is sleeping in more now but I wish he would go to bed earlier also.

The other night I was awake until 4am. Don't get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoy the show he puts on. It is amazing to feel. I can even see my belly move every now and then when he kicks good and hard. But 4am! That is far to late little man! I was having a tough night as it was. I could not get comfortable. Every position had it's down falls. Even with pillows I still felt my stomach muscles were being pulled by my ever growing belly. The only position that I wanted to lay in was on my stomach which is obviously out of the question these days. When ever I would finally settle in he would kick HARD! He was kicking constantly but it was as if he heard/felt the silence and decided to spice things up a bit. I guess at one point I was laying to much to the front. I could feel him kicking the mattress! LOL

He responds to Ethan's voice pretty well. Wyatt will kick and push with his feet in the direct of Ethan's voice. It is pretty funny. I am waiting for the day when he hauls off and nails Ethan in the head with those jabby little feet. LOL Or the chihuahua ... she is kinda pushy when on my lap.

I am getting bigger. For the most part I look pregnant. Sometimes when I just wear a regular shirt I think it might be a question. So I try to wear shirts that are obviously maternity shirts. It works pretty well most of the time. I have decided I am going to miss the elastic pants when this is over. They are so comfy. Who ever invented the button/zipper combo should be slapped around a little bit. We all might be less crabby if we always had the comfort of elastic waist pants. I am totally keeping these pants for future use. Eventually I will have to deal with bloated, crabby, PMS kind of days again. And I will be prepared with my stretch jeans!!!

I have my 24 week appointment on Monday. This appointment has come a LOT quicker then any of the others. At least it feels that way anyway. Pretty soon I will be down to every 2 weeks ... then once a week ... before ya know it he will be here! I can't wait!!!


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