Monday, July 12, 2010

5 weeks old

Wyatt is now 5 weeks old! He is 9 pounds even and 20 1/2 inches long. He is doing well and getting so big already! I can't believe he has started to out grow his newborn clothes. I know that is a good thing. Especially since we are still waiting to find out the results of that final test for metabolic disorders of what ever kind me MIGHT have. It can't be bad since he is growing so well.

Wyatt has had some trouble with reflux. It can be kinda rough sometimes. He screamed this afternoon for I don't even know how long because his belly hurt. I did my best to get all the bubblies out and try and make him better. But it took a while and a lot of walking and patting and bouncing up and down to get enough of the gas out. Then he slept like an angel! We have been feeding him sitting up, keeping him sitting up for 30 minutes afterward, letting him sleep in his bouncy chair (it keeps him upright) and using gas drops when he gets really fussy like he did this afternoon. It all seems to be helping. Wyatt hasn't thrown up in days. The fussing is getting less and less and he is sleeping much better at night. WOOHOO! I can't wait for him to out grow this. I want to avoid prescription medications if we can. So far I think we will be able to.

Wyatt is developing well. He is holding his head up more and more. I don't put him on his belly us much as I should. But he does push up from my shoulder while burping him. When I do put him on his belly on the floor he tends to stick his butt in the air instead. LOL Wrong end buddy ... wrong end. Bryan was playing with him today while he was sitting in my lap. Wyatt was watching Bryan and was able to track Bryan's face from side to side several times. I was pretty impressed that not only was he able to focus on Bryan's face so well but to keep moving just his eyes back and forth over and over again. Good job little man!

Wyatt has always been a noisy baby. (As I write this he is laying in my lap groaning) He just "talks" a lot. Wyatt is always grunting and groaning and making this weird noise that reminds me of the T-rex from the Jurrasic Park movie. LOL He is just starting to coo during the last week. He only makes short little sounds. But he is starting to make them. That is good. This morning he made one of those short cooing sounds and I mimicked him. His eyes got big and he did it again. We will just have to keep talking to each other. I can't wait for the full on cooing. I remember how cute it was when Bryan did it. I can't wait!!!

I am still pumping breast milk. Wyatt will occasionally breast feed. It is getting more and more frequent. But he will only do it for a few minutes. Then he gets mad and screams until I give him the bottle. He does not have a lot of patience to wait for my milk to let down. So he quickly gets frustrated and fusses. He can be a bit opinionated so if he is fussy and my milk isn't letting down fast enough in his mind then all hell breaks loose and nursing is a bust. If I try early in the morning around 6 am when he is the most alert and calm then it works better. Also around 10 pm when he is settling down for the night. But other then that he just gets mad and refuses the breast. But I am pumping 3-4 times a day and making 30 ounces. That is enough to feed him every day and freeze a little bit. My pump is awesome and I can get it done in 15 minutes or so. I plan on continuing to pump breast milk and bottle feed Wyatt until he is a year old. 1 month down 11 months to go!

Everything is going well and Wyatt is great. I could not be more happy and feel more blessed. I am exhausted but totally in love with my little man. Being home with all my boys every day is amazing. There is nothing I love more then being a wife and a mother. An amazing dream come true.

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