Monday, June 21, 2010

Tests and Doctor Appointments

Last week we had a lot of follow up appointments and tests to be done. It was annoying to be back and forth between home and the clinic so much. But the running around is far better then being stuck in the hospital like Wyatt's first week. Thankfully everything went well and we got done all the things we needed to get done.

Wyatt had a check up with his Family Med doctor. This was his first time meeting Wyatt. He has been my doctor since I was 14 years old and Bryan's doctor since birth. So I am happy to have Wyatt under his care also. This doctor is kind and calm and has a level head. Which is something we need after all the other doctors who just jumped off the deep end and assumed the worst. Our Family Med doctor, we will call him Dr. A, looked Wyatt over. He said Wyatt looked very good. The yellowness of the jaundice was fading. Dr. A did not think we needed to run anymore blood tests to check Wyatt's bilirubin levels. YEAH! He said that he could hear the click in Wyatt's left hip. Dr. A wanted to have an ultrasound done to check on the hip. If Wyatt's hip was not formed right from being stuck breech and it was not treated it could lead to arthritis as he gets older. If something was wrong it would be a simple fix with a brace to help ball and socket form properly together. Other then his hip Wyatt looked great. He had already gained back his birth weight at just over a week old. Dr. A did not think it was necessary for Wyatt to come back at 2 weeks for the usual well child visit. He thinks Wyatt is doing great and can wait to come back for his 2 month check up instead.

After meeting with Dr. A we had an appointment with the Geneticist to discuss where to go from here with the metabolic disorder hoopla. He asked us what Dr. A said and looked Wyatt over. He agreed that Wyatt looked like he was doing well. He felt that Wyatt's glucose readings at home were high enough and steady now. We were given the ok to stop taking his blood sugar at home. YEAH! I was so happy to not have to play vampire every 6 hours and prick poor Wyatt's tiny little feet anymore. The Geneticist reminded us to make sure that Wyatt went no longer then 3-4 hours with out eating until we figure out what is going on. The newborn screening is looking more and more like it was a false positive. But until we know for sure we need to play it safe. Keep Wyatt fed and feel free to check his blood sugar anytime he seems to be acting weird.

Thursday we went in to repeat the ECG. The first one showed a small glitch. The Pediatricians at the hospital said it might be a normal thing that happens to a lot of babies who are under a week old. But they insisted that we rerun the ECG after Wyatt is 7 days old to make sure. Thankfully the test was normal and everything was ok. Wyatt has a strong and healthy heart with no heart murmur. That is a HUGE relief for me. I am so happy both my boys have healthy hearts.

After the ECG we went to have the ultrasound done. Wyatt slept through most of it. He is so mellow that way. LOL The ultrasound came normal. Wyatt's hip looks good. Apparently the click is just left over from being breech with no fluid to move around easily in at the end of my pregnancy. He will eventually outgrow it. No need for a brace or anything. WOOHOO!

Friday we went back up to the maternity ward for Wyatt's circumcision. We wanted it done when he was 3 days old like they normally would do. But after the paperwork mess that happened on day 3 and Wyatt being in the hospital canceling the appointment we had to get it done on day 4, *sigh*, it just never got done. So thankfully we finally made and kept an appointment to have him circumcised. It went smoothly. Again Wyatt slept right through it. You have to wonder how it is that he can sleep through any procedure they seem to throw at him. I am just relieved that he has that ability. LOL We had to stick around in the family room for an hour afterward. A nurse came in to check on Wyatt every 30 minutes to make sure he was not bleeding to much. Then we were able to go home. Wyatt was pretty mad for the rest of that day. I can't blame him. He was sore and tired and had been through enough since birth.

The Geneticist wanted a skin biopsy to run one last test for VLCAD. He said it would just take one stitch. That made us cringe. Ethan asked if we could instead use Wyatt's foreskin from his circumcision instead of doing yet another procedure on Wyatt. He said yes that would work fine. He just need some skin to grow cells to use for the DNA test he wanted to run. Also with the skin he could grow and regrow cells as much as he wanted to. That would mean Wyatt would not need to keep being poked to collect blood to run various tests. It gives him the option to run what ever tests he wants as often as he wants to try and figure this puzzle out. So he was there at the circumcision waiting off to the side with a collection cup. It looked like a large to go soup cup. LOL I assume there was some kind of sterile collection cup inside the soup cup. He asked if we wanted to see it after it was done. ICK! We said no thanks. It drove me nuts the way he kept walking around and talking to us with this cup-o-foreskin in his hand! We appreciate everything you have done for us and we are happy to let you run the tests that you want to run but please take the cup with a chunk of my son in it and LEAVE. LOL It was mildly disturbing and yet funny.

So we are done with tests and doctors appointments and get to just stay home and relax this week. As long as nothing goes wrong anyway. Fingers crossed that Wyatt stays healthy and happy and we sail right through the next few weeks until his and Bryan's next appointment. Then sadly it will be time for more shots for both boys. Hopefully they both will do well and be healthy. Until then we are just going to sit back, relax, enjoy the last of our leaves and love up on our adorable little baby boy.


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