Monday, March 19, 2012

To fat for babies

Long story short my RE told me today I am to fat for babies. Don't worry she wasn't that mean about it. Both of the doctors I saw today were very kind but made it very clear that they would not help us have another baby until I lost a significant amount of weight. I crunched the numbers and I will have to lose roughly 93 pounds before they will let us have clomid again.

She will still be running all the basic tests on me like she did last time. Blood tests to check my hormone levels and my thyroid function. She is throwing a few new tests in this time. I had some endometriosis last time that she preformed surgery to remove for me. She will be doing an ultrasound to see if any of it has returned and if I will need more surgery to remove it again. On Wednesday I have to have a 3 hour glucose test done to test for diabetes. Yes it is the same test they do during pregnancy when you bomb the 1 hour one. She thinks it may be the reason my cycles are so long and I ovulate so late. If I am pre diabetic or diabetic she will put me on Metformin. It will both help me regulate my sugars and lose weight. What a lovely side effect! Good be worse ... good be a leaky butt like other drugs.

I have agreed to see a nutritionist and seek help from the weight loss clinic. If I can prove that I am really putting forth the effort and losing weight they may bend the rules and allow me to try clomid sooner. But either way I have to lose at least some weight to have another baby.

I was not happy and am struggling to not take it personally. I am a good person who wants to have another child. I love my kids and take good care of them. So it is hard to hear some one say you are not fit to help get pregnant. It is crushing. So my options are lose weight or not have anymore children. And the second is not an option for us. So I guess I have no choice but to work my tooshy off to make my way to baby.

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