Monday, February 22, 2010

22 weeks

You will have to excuse me. I am a little slow on my roll this week. I was sick last week. Between the nausea and the headaches and the body aches and the general exhaustion absolutely nothing got done. Including blogging but not Facebook. I would have to be almost dead for that. HA HA HA So here we go on week 22!

We decided on a name for this little guy. His name will be Wyatt Larry. Wyatt just because we like the name. Larry after his grandfather. So from now on I will most likely be referring to our bouncing baby boy as Wyatt. Unless something catastrophic happens and we change his name. But then I don't foresee anything wild happening.

Wyatt and I are doing well. This week he is the size of a papaya. Which means very little to me as I have never had one before. So I have no idea how big that is. LOL But it means he is roughly 11 inches long. Almost a whole foot now! His face is fully formed. Which we got to see at the ultrasound. It was really neat how she could look closely to make sure he did not have a cleft lip. He is slowly growing hair on his head and his eye lashes and eye brows. Let's hope he has a full head of dark hair like Bryan did. Babies are so cute when they come out with a little mop on their heads. But now that I said that he will come out bald as a cue ball. HA HA HA

It is getting more and more difficult for me to get around. Bending over to tie my shoes is just getting ridiculous. I looked for some back less shoes but have not found any I liked so far. Backless or no laces or what ever I don't care. I just remember how nice it was to have the backless tennis shoes while pregnant with Bryan. Getting up from chairs or off the couch requires a pregnancy groan. LOL Everything requires a pregnancy groan! I have my days where I feel very large and other days where I feel pretty normal.

Wyatt has been kicking up a storm. He has always been a very active baby. At every ultrasound the technician commented on how much he moves. I started to feel him moving pretty early on. The stronger he gets the stronger the kicks get. Which is humorous most of the time. And down right painful other times. LOL Ethan was resting his head in my lap this evening. The sound of his voice must have woke Wyatt up and got him wiggling. It started with nudges. Wyatt would put what I assume was his foot on my belly right next to Ethan's head and slowly push out. Then the nudges turned into kicks. Ethan did not feel the kicks but he did say that he could hear a little thud when Wyatt kicked. It was pretty funny. And how cool is it that little Wyatt is responding to his daddy's voice already?! Pretty darn cool I think.

Here is my 22 week picture. My belly is getting bigger and I look more and more pregnant. I am even starting to get the sweet smiles from little old ladies as they pass me by. There is of course always the half blind and deaf old man who seems to see nothing but the next aisle and has no problem running us all over. But for the most part it's nice people smiling and offering a little extra help.


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