Friday, February 5, 2010

20 weeks Half Way There!!!

I am 20 weeks pregnant today. We have reached the half way point! I am halfway through my pregnancy. Only 20 more weeks left give or take a few obviously. Bryan was 3 weeks early. So I am still shooting for some time in June. While a July 4th baby would be uber sweet I would really like to stick in the June range. Anyway we are halfway to our baby coming into the world. I am so excited!!!

It is a wonderful feeling to make it this far and have baby and I both so healthy. So far there have been no complications and no health issues. Baby is growing more and more every day. He/she is now the size of a cantaloupe. Yes you read that correctly a cantaloupe. Another article I read said they are currently the length of a banana from head to toe! Baby is getting big and so are the kicks. He/she has been moving non stop every single day. The second I sit down the baby starts moving around. Every morning after I get Bryan off to school and Ethan off to work the baby starts moving and a shaking. It's like dance party USA in my uterus. I hope this isn't a clue into this baby's sleep schedule when he/she comes out. Mama is not a morning person sweet pea so learn how to sleep in. LOL But I do enjoy the show every morning. It is fun to feel the baby twisting and turning and flipping over and punching and kicking. Oh the kicking! One minute I will be getting my bladder kicked like crazy and then I feel the baby flip over and then my belly button is getting kicked and then FLIP back to my bladder. And it is a double edged sword cause when the baby is kicking my bladder I have to PEE. But when the baby is head down and kicking my belly button he/she keeps kicking the scar tissue from my surgery in August of last year. So that can be a little sore and painful jabs. But feeling the baby moving around is the most amazing feeling and I will gladly take the painful bumps from now until June. But if July comes around baby you will be receiving an eviction notice. So don't get to comfortable like Kimmy's baby did. LOL

I have read that the baby has working taste buds now. He/she can taste the food that I have eaten recently in my amniotic fluid. What I eat now will decide what things the baby likes after birth. I get the feeling this baby is going to like KFC mashed potatoes (yes I am on another potato kick) and steak. I guess that would explain why Bryan likes corn so much. I LOVE CORN! So I better bone up on my veggies that I enjoy so I can keep buying them when baby is bigger. This child will have a love for asparagus I promise you that! And steak cause lets face it when I am pregnant nothing sounds better then a big bloody steak. I was that way with Bryan and I am totally that way with this baby. Which is good considering we have a hamburger farm. (That was what Bryan used to say when people would ask what kind of farm we had.)

We are now less then a week away from the big ultrasound! I can not wait! I am going completely crazy I tell you! Next week I will hopefully be able to use he or she not both or it. I may even start using the baby's name too. Oh course everybody called Bryan by his girl name Morgan before he was born. So it was a bit weird to make the change over from Morgan to Bryan. Maybe I should have just left his name Morgan. It would have worked both ways right? LOL Anyway we are hoping to have an answer soon and we pretty much have names picked out. A girl's name for sure and most likely a boy's name. I guess if we see a little hot dog down there on Thursday then we will have to start deciding for sure. I can't wait to see! Of course I am looking forward to seeing that the baby is healthy and hopefully everything is measuring right. I look forward to seeing the baby's heart beating and getting to see all 4 chambers. That was the part that made me cry during Bryan's ultrasound. Considering my family history on my father's side it is the BIGGEST relief to see a healthy strong beating heart from my babies. I am probably gonna cry again this time. I just want them to be healthy and strong. Bryan is and I will continue to pray every day that this baby is too.

So here is my halfway point pic. My baby belly is getting big and my coworkers are commenting on how I finally look pregnant. WOOHOO!


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