Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dental hygeine is important during pregnancy

Bryan and I had dentist appointments today. It was our first appointments at a new dentist covered by Ethan's insurance. I was nervous about going to some one new but it went wonderfully. Bryan did very well. No cavities, got a cleaning and a fluoride treatment and he is good to go for the next 6 months.

I did well too. No cavities but I do have to have a filling that fell out refilled. The dentist says it is fine to wait until after Wyatt is born. But he does do a "prenatal" cleaning. A hygienist gets in there really deep. Not just the teeth but really under the gums as much as possible. Gum disease can be a trigger for preterm labor. This dentist likes to do this type of cleaning some time during his patients pregnancy. It is usually done earlier then I am going to have it done. But he still thinks it would be a good idea for me to do it now. Plus then I am set cleaning wise for 6 months also. I look forward to having a deep cleaning of my teeth and to get it done and out of the way before Wyatt comes. I can do the filling at any time so no rush.

It was weird to sit in the dentist chair while pregnant. This was my first time. He asked if I was OK to sit half upside down like they make you sit. I said I was fine. Wyatt didn't agree. I guess he just doesn't like being upside down. Maybe that is why he is still breech. LOL He started wiggling and kicking. At one point he planted his feet on my pelvic bone and pushed up as hard as he could and very quickly. It gave my whole belly a jolt towards my head. It was pretty funny.

My dentist's wife is also pregnant. She is due 1 week after I am. Small world! He joked about seeing us at the hospital when the boys are born. Ya never know! He seems like a great guy and a very good dentist. He had no problem sitting down and talking through things with me and Bryan. He set up a game plan for me and one for Bryan and some adult teeth he has growing over top of some baby teeth. We even discussed when it would be a good time to bring Wyatt in for his first appointment. Don't worry Wyatt. You still have a good 3 years before you have to start going. I am very happy with the switch and hope it continues to go well for many years to come.

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