Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pregnancy Dreams

Pregnancy dreams are notorious for being wild. I have had plenty in the last 32 weeks. I enjoy the fun ones. Wink wink ... they have happy endings. I have been able to go with the flow with the more odd ones. Dreams of the baby's arm hanging out of the side of my belly are odd but pretty darn funny once I wake up and look back at them. How ever there are dreams that are not fun. They are wild and not in a good way.

I have had nightmares many times. I don't really remember many as a kid. And most of the ones I have had as an adult are about unpleasant situations. Mostly being cheated on by some one I love or some one important to me dying. They wake you up in a cold sweat and feeling icky afterward. Usually after a few hours or the opportunity to talk it out with some one you feel better. This was not that kind of nightmare I had this morning. I had an actual monster in my house kinda nightmare. And it lead to me yelling in my sleep! I don't think I have ever yelled in my sleep before. Ethan had to wake me up. That is a first too. Once he figured out it was me making that odd wailing noise. LOL I was laughing after he woke me up and had trouble stopping the laughter. Partially because I was embarrassed that he just had to wake me up and partially because of the pure relief I was feeling that it was only a dream. So here it goes. The dream that made me yell out for the first time, that I am aware of anyway, in my entire life.

In my dream it was dark out. I think it was night time. Bryan was gone and Ethan had just gone to bed. I always stay up way later then anyone else in the house. For some odd reason I thought it would be a good idea to color. In the dark. ??? I don't get it either. So I went into Wyatt's nursery and grabbed a coloring book and a box of crayons and headed to the couch to get comfy.

Now I have to explain to you one of my worst fears. I have been this way all of my life. No matter where I live I have this fear that I am going to look out a window and see some one or something staring back at me. People used to walk through my mother's yard when I was a kid at night and jump the fence to get into the next neighborhood. I think that is where it stems from. It was bad at my mother's house and the apartment Ethan and I had many years ago now. But it got amped up to a whole new level when we moved out here to the farm. In town if you rolled over to see some one staring in your window it would be horribly creepy but not far fetched. How ever out here it doesn't just mean that some one was wandering through your yard to get some where else. It means some one is in your yard, in the middle of the night, out in the middle of no where and they are up to NO GOOD! Grab your gun and your German Shepherd and show em why your proud to be a redneck! LOL

I sometimes wonder if I have seen to many Friday the 13th movies in my life. I have these ideas of big bulky kinda sorta dead guys with machetes wandering past my window too. It took me a long time to admit to Ethan as to why I INSISTED on the shades being drawn at night. Even when we have a fan in the bedroom window at night I have to have the top part of the window above the fan covered with a curtain. It's not that I am a vampire and hate the sun. It's not that I don't want people seeing into my house during the day. I just have an irrational fear that some one or something scary as hell will be watching me while I sleep. It may be time to lay off the Stephen King books. Ya never know. So on to the rest of the dream ....

So after gathering my coloring goodies I head to the couch. I look up to see what looks like the shadow of a human figure in the kitchen window above the sink. Anybody who has been to my house might be aware of the fact that the window over the sink is actually up pretty high from the ground outside. In order for me to see a person's body they would have to be 8 feet tall or as I quickly became aware of hovering outside the window. AHHHH! I step closer to see this figure looks like a dead dusty corpse. Remember the crypt keeper from the Tales From the Crypt movies and TV show? Ya it kinda looked like that. It wasn't moving and it's head was hanging unnaturally with it's jaw resting on it's chest. Once I realize what it was I start to scream. I for some reason can't turn away from this thing and run into the bedroom to Ethan. So I am standing in the middle of the living room screaming at the top of my lungs in hopes of waking Ethan up so he can come and save me. Well .... I guess I was really calling out to him. LOL I remember being in the dream and thinking what is wrong with my scream??? I was making the attempt to yell as loud and as high as I could to wake him up. But instead this very odd wailing sound was coming out of me and I couldn't figure out why. Thankfully my wailing woke Ethan and he was able to wake me up from the nightmare.

It was odd and disturbing and yet funny as hell. That has never happened to me before. I totally blame the pregnancy hormones. They truly mess with you. It is just plain crazy. I didn't even try to go back to sleep after the dream. I just got up and went into the living room. Not before peeking my head out into the living room and making sure that nothing was watching me from the kitchen window. Yes I really checked. I am a dork. I know it. LOL To my relief nobody was out there so I was safe to come out. I am tired and would really like some more sleep. Hopefully I will not have another nightmare while home alone. And if I do and start yelling again I hope that Bo wakes me up. He is a good dogger that way. LOL


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