Monday, April 5, 2010

7 month OB Appointment

I was up bright and early this morning. Actually I barely slept the night before. I had heartburn and then I just couldn't settle down since I was nervous. Top that all off with a dog who always barks at the worst times outside your bedroom window. UGH! So anyway I had my 1 hour blood glucose tolerance test this morning and my 28 week check up with my OB.

I got right in at every appointment today. I went back and talked to the lady about what would happen during the test. She gave me a big glass of clear liquid that tasted like a very flat Sprite. It was suppose to be cold but it actually tasted room temperature. Maybe that was because it was so flat. Anyway I had 5 minutes to drink it but I got it down in 1 minute. It really wasn't that bad. Just not something I would drink for fun. I remember a toxic orange drink that was smaller but much nastier when I was pregnant with Bryan. I guess they have improved the drink over the last decade. Taste wise anyway. I went and sat down to kill an hour. I forgot my book in the car and for some reason my Blackberry just wasn't keeping me entertained.

Although the large girl who I eventually figured out was another one of the preggos there for the nasty 3 hour test was entertaining. It took me a long time to decide if she was in fact a she. Then I really didn't think she was pregnant until one of the other 3 hour preggos said something to her. She was nuts. Maybe the glucose drink was making her insane. I don't know. But she started grabbing random chairs from around the room and putting them where she wanted them to lean on or to put her feet up on. I saw her kick of her shoes and lay across one love seat and into another nearby chair. Then she disappeared and I thought she had gone to the bathroom around the corner. Nope she had plunked herself down at one of the check in computers and was attempting to access the internet. OMG! Who does that??? Some little old lady nurse comes over and tells her that the computer is for staff use only and was she trying to get on the internet? That was very much not allowed. A normal person would say oh I am sorry I didn't know, turn red and get the heck out of the chair. No not this woman. She refused to get up and just keeps repeating "but the girl back there said I could use this computer" over and over and over again. NOBODY CARES! You are not suppose to be on the nurse's computer trying to access your Facebook. GET OFF! She eventually did give up and wander back to the den of chairs she had made. But not with out sulking and stomping her feet across the room. UGH! And this woman is having a baby??? OY! I am scared!

Anyway I did pretty good with the test. I felt a little shaky some where in the middle. But I felt fine by the time I went back to have my blood drawn. I have impossible veins and hate getting my blood drawn. Not because it hurts or because I don't like blood. Just because it takes FOREVER for anyone to find a good vein. And it always takes at least 3 sticks to get any blood out of me. This woman poked and prodded and alcohol wiped my whole dang arms I swear. BUT she struck blood on her very first try! I give the blue scrub lady mad props for a job well done. HA HA HA

I had some time to kill so I wandered between buildings at Mayo. Looked through the shop in the Ghonda building. The coffee smelled amazing but I didn't want to be the preggo with the coffee that all the people were giving dirty looks to. So I kept going. I stopped at half the bathrooms between the Mayo Building and the Charlton Building because the had given me a large glass of ice water while I waited my hour. She said it was all I could have until after the test. So I sipped on that bugger for an hour and of course now I had to pee every 5th step. UGH!

My appointment with my OB wasn't until 10 am but finally by 9:30 I had gotten bored and just went upstairs to the waiting room. I checked in and sat down with my bottle of water and the granola bars I had brought with me to eat after the test. I thought I had plenty of time since it was still a good 25 minutes before my appointment. I scarfed one down and had started on the next when my pager started buzzing. I grabbed all my stuff and walked over to the nurse with a face still stuffed with granola. LOL She just laughed. I apologized and told her I had just done my glucose test and thought I would have enough time to eat something quick. She told me not to worry. She saw pregnant woman snacking in the waiting room all the time. Good. I am not the only idiot. LOL

The appointment went well. My blood pressure continues to be good. Wyatt's heart rate was 146 bpm. Fantastic! I have gained a few pounds but considering how much I have lost it is not a big deal. I am still down 10 pounds from my starting weight. My OB didn't even bring it up. He measured my belly, got a weird look on his face, looked back at the computer, grabbed a new tape measure and measured again. I am 28 weeks right now. My belly measures at 33 weeks. OY! He did some poking and prodding around of my belly. He said that the baby is breech and riding rather high in my belly. Wyatt did measure 1 week ahead at the time of my ultrasound so we knew ahead of time that he was a bigger baby. But 5 weeks seems a bit extreme. My Dr. is sure it is just because he sits so high that my uterus is stretched up more then it normally would be at this point. And who knows that may have something to do with the malformation of my uterus. Either way baby seems to be really healthy with a good heart rate and a lot of movement. So he was not worried. I will have an ultrasound done at my next appointment at 32 weeks. He will be able to get a few measurements then to see how big he really is and what position the baby is in. He is breech now and if he stays that way I am going to have to have a c-section again. Like I have said several times before due to my malformation it is impossible to safely turn my babies from the outside. He did mention that if baby is a LOT bigger then he might not let me go to my due date and I would have to have a c-section. He is not comfortable using pitocin on woman who are attempting VBACs and I agree with him. No matter what my situation was I am not a big fan of pitocin and do not want to use it. My mother has given pitocin when she was pregnant with me and over due. She said the drip started and a contraction started. It DID NOT STOP until the turned the drip back off. I have pretty much said heck no since she told me that story. LOL So I guess we will know in another month what his birth should be. But right now between him being breech and being bigger I am looking more and more at another c-section. Which really is fine with me. As long as we are both healthy that is all that matters.

My doctor thought my lab results would be up by the time I got to my appointment but they were not. He said they don't take long to get so a nurse should be calling me at any minute with the results. 3 hours later I had not gotten a call so I called the nurses desk. And I got laughed at. UGH! She said that the results are not usually in until late afternoon and they don't call woman back until the next morning. Oooooooooooh well don't I feel like a dummy. I apologized and told her that my Dr. thought they would be up right away and told me I would have the results soon. I didn't mean to be a pain I was just hoping to get my results right away. She laughed a lot and very loudly. Geez! She said she would have some one look it up for me and call me back to let me know if the results were up or not.

Well I got the call a little bit ago. And sadly I failed my 1 hour blood glucose tolerance test. Booooo! Hisssssssss! The number had to be under 140 and my number was 169. So it was not horrible but still with in the range to order the 3 hour test. The nurse gave me the phone number to call to schedule the next test. I called it right away and I guess threw them off guard. The nurse who I had talked to was just walking up to the appointment desk with the order for the 3 hour test as I was talking to the appointment desk lady. LOL Again I hate to be pushy but I just wanna get this done! So I have it scheduled for 8 am on Wednesday morning. I do not have school or work that day so I can easily spend my morning chugging that flat pop again and twiddling my thumbs as I wait. I will NOT forget my book in the car this time. LOL I am bummed but so many people have failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour test. So fingers crossed that I am one of the lucky ones who gets put through the glucose ringer for nothing.

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