Thursday, April 8, 2010

3 hour glucose tolarence test

I took the 3 hour glucose tolerance test on Wednesday. It took 4 hours. *eye roll* I got there at 8 am and got called back a few minutes later. I got the really hot male nurse. He was perdy and he smelled amazing. I hope I wasn't blushing to much. He spent 15 minutes poking and prodding and searching both of my arms for a good vein to put the IV in. It wasn't working. I ended up with 3 nurses standing around me, all of them with their fingers poking at my arms, and none of them having much luck. They put little hot packs on my arms and then wrapped them in warm blankets. My chair was tilted backwards in hopes of coaxing some more blood down to my arms. FINALLY the lady who did my 1 hour draw managed to get the IV in my arm. It took 30 minutes. UGH! I hate having sucky veins.

Then I went back out to the waiting room to join the other preggos for our hourly blood draws. There wasn't a crazy lady to entertain me this time. Well OK there was a kinda crazy lady but she stayed in her chair the whole time. Except when she got up and sat in the seat I was sitting in while I was in the bathroom. ??? Was my seat warmer then yours? A prettier color? I have no idea why she got up and sat in my chair but she did. She was really rude and demeaning to her husband. She was talking to him like he was a little kid. I felt bad for the poor guy. He snipped at her a little bit once because she wanted to go eat lunch and it wasn't even 10am yet. He said no not yet and she blew up at him. When she wasn't giving him crap she was on her cell phone telling every one she knows and God how is tests were going for the day and just how his illness in general is stressing her out so much and she is just so run down and life is so hard for her. Ummmm ... yes I am sure it is but it is your husband who is sick. At least show him enough respect to not gossip about him to every one on your contact list. So I guess I did have one crazy lady to entertain me for 1 of the 4 hours I was there.

The blood draws went pretty well. I got yelled at by once nurse because I came in carrying my purse on the shoulder of the arm the IV was in. Then I bent my arm to do something stupid like itch my nose or something anyway. She yelled at me again for bending my arm. OY! So then I felt awkward because it felt like I was walking around like a zombie all morning trying not to bend my arm.

I went back for my last draw and she took the IV out of my arm. I was not expecting my arm to explode! She took the IV out and was reaching to put it all in the red bin when BAM blood spurted out of my arm and started pooling in the crook of my elbow. I could tell she got a little frantic but I was just trying not to laugh. They had a hell of time getting blood out of me in the first place. Then when they don't want it I blow up! LOL

The nurse told me that if I failed the test they would call either Wednesday night or Thursday morning. But no news was good news. Well the clinic never called so I am assuming that means I passed the test. If they call me Friday morning and tell me I failed and need to come in to see the diabetic dietitian I will be uber pissed. LOL That would so be my luck. UGH! But as far as I know I passed and everything is good!

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