Friday, June 4, 2010

Last OB Appointment

I had my very last OB appointment today. It went well. Which was a relief after last night of course. We got there super early. I told Ethan that just doesn't pay off. And of course they proved me wrong. We got in a while half hour early. Ooops!

First was the ultrasound. He scored well again today. My fluid levels have increased since Tuesday from a 4.6 to a 7.2 level. Anything about 5 is good and this 7ish level is the best it has been since 32 weeks. I had the same ultrasound tech that I have had for the last few scans. He joked about how I have become an old pro at the whole process. I joked that it is bad when I am starting to be able to not only spot the fluid pockets but even notice when he found a good sized one. LOL He estimated Wyatt's current weight at 6 pounds 15 ounces. Pretty good size for 37 weeks. He showed us that Wyatt has hair. The tech thinks that not only does he have hair but it looks like it might even be wavy! Bryan had a lot of hair but it was straight. I had a ton of hair and I have wavy hair now. Ethan says he had wavy hair as a baby. So I guess we will see just how hairy this baby is when he comes out. I make hairy babies. HE HE HE

We met with a different doctor then my regular OB. He was very nice and had an interesting German accent. It was neat to hear an actual German pronounce our last name. I was tempted to ask him how to properly pronounce my maiden name too. But I didn't want to be a goober. He went over everything with us about prepping for the c-section. I signed the consent form today so that it was one less thing to worry about on Monday. He checked my cervix and it is closed up nice and tight. I am not at all dilated. I am not at all effaced. Now if I was not scheduled for a c-section on Monday I would have to admit that I would be pretty upset by that fact. You can bet I would have started the eviction process this weekend so that this kid might actually exit the building before July! But this kid is coming out Monday morning whether he likes it or not. The doctor said that it is good that I have made no progress what so ever. That way if I were to start labor in any way over the weekend I would hopefully have a little extra time to get to the hospital. Depending on what day it was we might even be able to keep our c-section schedule. I hope nothing exciting happens this weekend and he just relaxes in there until Monday morning.

So that was it! No more appointments. I won't see that office again until my 6 week postpartum appointment. It was weird to walk out after my appointment and walk right past the appointment desk. It was a bitter sweet moment. But a good feeling also. Our check in time is 7:30 am on Monday. That is perfect because I don't have to get up to early. Maybe a half hour early so I can shower with the special soap again. Then get Bryan up and out the door for school. Ethan can have a chance to have some breakfast if he is hungry before we leave for the hospital. I will be sure to update as soon as we can. Hopefully this weekend is relaxing and uneventful. And fingers crossed that Monday goes well for us.

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