Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nothing new

Nothing new to report today. Nothing exciting happened at my check. And I am NOT complaining! LOL My fluid levels did go down from 5.3 on Friday to 4.8 today. But that is not the lowest it has been. It is still close to normal. And Wyatt seems to continue to do fine in there. I saw a midwife today since my OB is working overnights in labor and delivery all week. I am glad he felt comfortable enough to let me see a midwife. And she is super nice so I don't mind seeing her at all. She said as long as I wasn't having contractions then she didn't need to check me. Which is good too. Who needs all those people up their hoo ha? So everything seems to continue to be fine.

I scheduled my next appointment for Friday afternoon. It will be my LAST appointment before Wyatt arrives on Monday. HOLY CRAP! That was really exciting and scary and just plain wild all at the same time. Friday we will do another BPP. They also want to do one last growth scan on Friday. Just going to check and see how much he has grown in 2 weeks and give us a guess as to how big he will be on Monday. Sometimes they are WAY off and sometimes they are dead on. So I guess we will see what happens. As long as he appears to have grown since the last one all is good. They will give me the low down on what I need to do to prepare over the weekend for my c-section. My OB and I kind of went over it at my 34 week appointment when we scheduled the first c-section. Jeez ... I just realized I am on my third scheduled c-section. First one was for June 21st, then May 31st and now June 7th. Let's hope everything goes well for the rest of the week and we can just stick with that last one.

36 weeks pregnant

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