Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wyatt Larry Has Arrived!!!

Wyatt Larry was born on June 7, 2010 at 10:43 am. 37 weeks gestation. He weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces and was 19 inches long.

We checked into labor and delivery early Monday morning. It took a long time to get us back because anesthesia was backed up. Then it took forever to start the surgery because they had a heck of a time getting my spinal block in. I remember they had a really hard time also when I had my c-section with Bryan. Guess my back just stinks for that kind of stuff. Once I was all set up they went and got Ethan and sat him by my head. Wyatt was born about 15 minutes later. They lowered the sheet so that we could see and to my surprise Ethan jumped right up and started taking pictures. I thought it was funny since he said he didn't want to see anything on the other side of the screen up until that moment. He got some great pictures of Wyatt as he emerged butt first of course. Ethan followed Wyatt over to the bassinet and trimmed his cord. It took a little over an hour to sew me back up. I got pretty nauseous and almost threw up while they were working on me. Me and anesthesia just don't get a long well. They gave me more meds to settle my stomach down again and then I was fine. I got to watch Wyatt while Ethan held him. He was very alert and looking around. Wyatt was sucking his fingers and rooting around. He came out more then ready to nurse.

Wyatt did have some funny looking legs when he was first born. I would post a picture but they almost scare me. LOL His feet had been up by his face for months now. And they wanted to stay that way after he was born. LOL After a few hours he was fine. The pediatricians stopped by this morning to check on his hips and they were doing much better this morning. The clicking in his hips was gone and he is pretty good about getting his legs to stay down now. They said it was pretty normal and he should be just fine.

Other then his hips Wyatt has not had any problems. He latches on pretty well. Wyatt nursed fantastically the first day. Now I am having trouble keeping him awake so that he is not just snacking all day and all night. That made for a long first night. LOL He is pooping like a pro and I am so glad the nurses are cleaning those ones up. LOL

I am doing pretty well already. I have gotten up and been out walking. They let me eat right away as long as I promised to take it slow. No problems with eating or drinking. They unhooked me from all the dodads and monitors now. My catheter is out and I am getting up to use the bathroom pretty well on my own. It is amazing to not have to pee every 30 minutes or so! LOL I am getting ready to go take a shower and can not wait. I remember how fantastic that felt after Bryan was born. I am hoping to get to go home tomorrow afternoon. But I won't push it either. If I need to stay until Thursday afternoon I will. But I would really love to get us home and get back into my own bed.

Here are a few pictures of Wyatt from his first day in the world!


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