Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spent the evening in Labor & Delivery

We spent the evening in labor and delivery Thursday night. Baby and I are both fine. We just had a little scare. A combination of things made me uneasy and Ethan and I thought it was best to go in and be monitored. Better safe then sorry. We are both glad we went in and are thankful everything ended up being ok.

So here is why we went in. I spent all day not feeling well. I was overly hot. There was nothing I could do to cool myself down. I went to the library and had the AC cranked in my car and was still sweating. I was feeling very fatigued and hot and was totally unable to sleep because of the discomfort when I tried to take a nap. I took my temp and it was 99.0 which isn't very high. But I felt much hotter then that and my face was flushed. There is feeling hot because it is summer. There is feeling hot because you are pregnant in the summer. Then there was what I was feeling. I was just way to hot and worried about fever and infection. Because we don't know what is causing my low fluid levels my OB told me to come in any time I was running a fever. Just in case there is a small leak that we have not seen. Then there would be a risk of infection and we wouldn't want to mess around with that.

Plus I have been having all that pelvic pain. My OB confirmed that it is just from SPD and is nothing to worry about. Thankfully my discomfort will be short lived since my c-section is on Monday. But to be on the safe side and because of the fever feeling I thought I better ask.

Third and the biggest reason I went in was because of lack of movement from the baby. Usually in the evenings after eating dinner he is pretty active. Breakfast and supper make him the most wild. He was fine this morning but had gradually gotten quieter as the day went on. After supper he didn't start moving. I did a kick count and he had only moved twice in 2 hours. And they were not his usual strong kicks either. They were more like nudges. This child doesn't nudge ... ever.

So between the pain and my not feeling well all day and finally the change in movement from the baby we decided to go in. Those were the warning signs my OB had told me to come in for. So we dropped Bryan off at my in laws house and headed to the hospital.

They got me right into a room and I got changed. The nurse came in and asked what brought me in tonight. And I started sobbing. Not sniffle sniffle tear I am a little worried cry. Nope I did the ugly cry. I started sobbing and apologizing for sobbing. She was SUPER nice to me and told me not to be sorry. Pregnancy hormones are hard enough to deal with but then you add in worrying about baby and it is all very over whelming. She calmed me down pretty quickly and I was able to tell her what was going on. By the time Ethan came in I was just sniffling. And him being there calmed me enough to stop crying.

The nurse hooked me up to the monitors and a blood pressure cuff. Of course as soon as I was hooked up to the monitors this little stinker decided to prove me wrong and put on one heck of a show. He was all over the place. A doctor came in to take more info from me. He started palpating around my pelvis to find out where the pain was. He was about to give up when he hit the spot. I almost smacked his hand. I was like no ... no ... no ... OUCH! People came in to take blood and I gave a urine sample. A different doctor brought in an ultrasound machine to check on fluid levels. They were of course very low.

Luckily for us my OB just happen to be working over nights in labor and delivery this week. He came in to let us know what was going on. He said the baby looked great on the NST. Like I said he put on a show. He looked good on the ultrasound despite the lack of fluid as usual. My OB said yes the pain was from SPD but I am lucky cause it will be short lived pain. All my blood work and urine samples came back ok. There was one left they were waiting on. But he said I should be able to go home as soon as it came back. He did not think there was any reason to deliver tonight. We would just continue with our plan of last appointment on Friday and c-section Monday if I was comfortable with that. At that point I was fine. Baby looked good and I didn't seem to have an infection. So I was happy to go home and rest instead.

I can not tell you how happy I was that he was there and came in to talk to us. I really love my OB and he definitely puts me at ease. He said he was happy that I came in even though everything was fine. I did exactly what he told me to do if I was concerned. And thankfully there was a good outcome. Ethan and I both agreed that we are happy that we went in for nothing. Verses not going in and something being wrong with me or the baby. I would rather feel dumb and over protective then have any regrets. And my OB agreed with that.

So it was a long wild ride. It took forever to get that last lab back so that I could go home. But I am so happy that everything is ok. I will go to my last appointment Friday afternoon. Then I am going to try and take it easy all weekend. Rest, relax and prepare for Wyatt's arrival on Monday. Let's hope that is the last of the drama for this pregnancy and little Mr. Wyatt.

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