Friday, October 16, 2009


Ladies and gentleman we have an announcement! I am pregnant! Ethan and I are having a baby!


WHEW! That felt good to get off my chest. Now shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You can't tell anyone. At least not yet anyway. I am only 4 weeks pregnant and it is far to early to share this news. That is part of the reason I started this blog. I have a blog.
I have talked all about being a mom and a wife and living on a farm and our struggles with miscarriage and infertility. Eventually I will also post these posts on that blog. But for now in an effort to keep our little secret quite until the second trimester I created a new blog here. It just for me and the baby!


Once we reach the 12 week mark. And God willing we will get there this time. We will tell ALL of our friends and family. I will be in my second trimester by Christmas time. So we are hoping to tell our parents for Christmas ... again ... only this time I will be MUCH farther along. So we should be in the clear by then.

Part of the reason I created this blog is to give friends and family a place to go to keep up to date on us. See how we are doing. Read any good news we have to share. And to know what is going on when ever they have time and the desire to check in on us. I will post pictures of what ever I can as often as I can.


Because it is fun.


And I really enjoy doing it.


So be prepared!

Our baby is due on June 25th and I am currently 4 weeks along. So I still have a long way to go. Fingers crossed that it will all go smoothly and we will both come out healthy and happy 36 weeks from now!

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