Friday, October 16, 2009

Beta Test Results

Thursday morning I went to the clinic to have blood drawn. My RE requires a positive blood pregnancy test before they will allow us to schedule the first ultrasound. So I headed off to the vampires and made my donation of blood. Infertility has really made me sick of getting poked by needles. But I know it will not get an better during pregnancy. Oh well! Small price to pay!

I called the nurse later that afternoon for the results. She said a positive test was anything above a 5. When they typically do these tests on woman 50 is a very good number to have. Well my HCG levels were at 74.5 on Thursday!!! The nurse said considering the fact that I had not even actually missed my period yet that was a fantastic number! Maybe all those jokes about Clomid twins weren't so far off. Be careful what you wish for. LOL

I scheduled my ultrasound for Monday, November 9, 2009. That is right after we get back from vacation. I would have done it on the 6th but we would still be in Arizona that day. So that would not have worked. I look forward to getting a chance to check in on our baby. Hopefully everything will be healthy and we will get to see a heartbeat. Hopefully there won't be a whole litter of babies in there. Octomom I am not nor do I care to be! One healthy baby ... maybe even two if we are REALLY lucky is all I am asking for.

Fingers crossed and prayers raised high that this is just the beginning of the good news and a healthy pregnancy.

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