Thursday, November 12, 2009

8 weeks

I am now 8 weeks pregnant. Things are still going well. I feel more and more sick every day. Morning sickness is kicking my butt. But I am doing it with a smile. LOL The fatigue has gotten pretty bad too. I am ready for bed by 7pm most nights. Which is not a good thing since I work until 10pm. The sinus issue has gotten better but not 100% gone. Or maybe I have just gotten used to sniffling and don't notice it anymore. LOL Ethan is already asking when the fatigue and morning sickness ends. Sorry hun! We still have at least a month left of the pucky sleepy Amy. HE HE HE Hopefully some time around 12 weeks it will subside and I will start to have more energy. And less gagging. LOL I am thinking about putting a roll of poop bags from the dogs leashes in my purse. That way if I feel the need to barf in the car I have something to barf into. I am pretty sure I would be unable to drive my car if I get the pucky smell in there. My sense of smell is still far to strong. The preggo brain farts are INSANE. I can't remember anything. It's so crazy that it is funny most of the time. One of these days my coworkers will smack me. But probably not until the baby comes out. LOL

This week the baby is the size of a raspberry. Or maybe even a .... blackberry ... he he he. Yes we are going THERE. I am pretty sure from now on I will call the baby our little blackberry. It's cute and well we are crackberry freaks. So yes from now HELLO LITTLE BLACKBERRY!

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