Monday, November 16, 2009

We told Bryan

Since my last pregnancy ended in miscarriage Ethan and I decided to hold off on telling people that I was pregnant again. This also meant my 11 year old son. I just didn't want to get his hopes up right away like last time. He has a brother and sister on his dad's side but has been wanting one (or two as he said) on my side.

I took Bryan shopping with me today. I decided it was a good time, since we were having a little mommy and me time, to tell him about the baby. He asked me why I was looking at jeans with a stretchy waist and I thought what the heck! I probably couldn't ask for a better ice breaker. LOL I told him because my belly was going to be getting bigger over the next few months and I needed bigger pants to cover the baby. Luckily he caught on to what I meant right away. I asked him if he wanted to be a big brother again. With a huge smile he said yes he could be a big brother to one more sibling ... or two more. What ever works for me and Ethan. HA HA HA

I explained to him that it was still early and the baby was not due until June. There was still a chance that something could go wrong and that the baby could die. We want to wait to tell people until after we are a little more comfortable that the baby will be OK. So he had to keep the secret until Christmas.

He seemed very happy and was making jokes the rest of the night about the baby. He tried to tell me that the cure to morning sickness is meaty pizza. LOL I hate meaty pizza! HA HA HA Bryan seems excited and that makes us happy. Let's just hope he still feels that way when he is back to helping with dirty diapers!

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