Monday, May 3, 2010

32 weeks

I am rather slow on getting this blog post out. It has been eventful but all in good ways. I am now at 32 weeks. Wyatt should be roughly 4 pounds at this point. We are both still doing well thankfully. I had my doctor appointment today with a midwife. She was wonderful. I was worried since this was my first appointment that was not with my OB. But the midwife was great and made me very comfortable. My blood pressure continues to be great. Which continues to be a relief to me. My weight is down again by 4 pounds. While most woman are gaining a pound a week I seem to be losing a pound a week instead.

My belly is again measuring big. Last time I was 28 weeks but my belly was measuring at 33 weeks. This time I am 32 weeks and my belly is measuring a whopping 37 weeks! Crazy! He might be a little big but they think it is mainly because he is breech and still sitting very high in my belly.


The midwife did an ultrasound to double check and yes he is very much breech. I told her about his efforts to flip himself over and how much they hurt. She said that it sounded like he was at the point where he will be stuck head up. I go back in 2 weeks to meet with my OB. We will then set up a birth plan and schedule the c-section. I am starting to get excited about it now. It is so much easier for me to have a plan then to just leave it all up in the air. I hate that.

I have been suffering from carpal tunnel pretty bad in the last 2 weeks. I have trouble sleeping and wake up very early due to the tingling. numb pain. It is in both wrists but by far it is worse in the left wrist. I have been wearing braces at night and that has helped a lot but not completely. I asked the midwife today for any more ideas besides Tylenol and the braces. She recommended that I ice my wrists. I can put the ice right over the top of the braces if I want to. I am suppose to do it at night before I go to bed and first thing in the morning when I get up. Or PRN when the pain is really bad. She said the ice should help reduce the inflammation that is causing the carpal tunnel symptoms. If that does not work and I just can not bear it anymore she will get me in for cortisone shots. But the pain is still bearable now and I am assuming with the ice it will be better.

I explained to the midwife that I was starting to have some pain on the right side of my face. I have had a couple of sinus infections in the past. Allergies suck! This feels like the beginning of another one. The pain started Sunday morning. She went ahead and wrote me a prescription. I am really glad she did. I took the first of 3 doses tonight. A few hours later the pain got worse. I don't feel horrible but I am in more pain now then I was before. Why does it seem like those buggies feel the need to put up a fight once you introduce an antibiotic? I'm melting ..... ha ha ha! So anyway I hope that I will be feeling better in the morning. Hopefully we have nipped it in the butt before it had a chance to really put me in pain and misery.

I dropped my maternity leave paperwork off at the front desk. I guess the secretary fills the paper work out. Then takes it to your doctor to sign. Then they mail it in to where ever it is suppose to go. I will have to check with HR in a couple of days to make sure they were completed and turned in. But that is one less thing on my mind for now.

After my appointment I went down to the registration desk. We are now preregistered for the birth. WOOHOO! Check another thing off my to do list. She asked if a private room was available would I want one. It costs extra and the extra cost is not covered by insurance. I said HECK YA! I hated sharing a room last time. It was miserable. So if I get the chance and I really hope we do. I would really love to have a private room this time. Especially after a c-section. It is just no fun to try and relax and heal and bond with your baby when somebody else friends and family are busy visiting on the other side of the curtain. People are rudely loud at 8 am. LOL

I meandered over to the next building. That is where labor and delivery is. Also the maternity ward and nursery of course. Our birth class is right across the hall from labor and delivery. We start our classes on Wednesday. I am really excited and wanted to make sure I knew where it was I was going. So I just snooped a bit. I didn't actually go up onto the floor. I just found the elevators and checked out the map. I am pretty sure I know where we are going now.

After all of that I headed to work. I thought I was going to a work meeting. I really didn't want to go since it was my day off. I was tired and really just wanted to go back home and go to sleep. Or at least go pick up my prescription and shop a little bit. But I dragged my butt in there. And I am really glad I did! They through me a surprise baby shower! I had no idea it was happening and really had no idea it was going to be during the meeting. The first part was the shower and the second the meeting. So I totally got paid for attending my own baby shower! LOL There was food and cake and gifts. It was really great. A few of my friends that used to work at that house but had moved to other houses showed up. It was really sweet and I almost cried. I got some great baby gifts and had a really good time. Here I was afraid I would not get a single baby shower this time around. Now I will have had two!


I really appreciate every one coming and helping me celebrate. Even if I was totally unaware it was happening! LOL

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