Monday, May 24, 2010

35 week update

I went back to the clinic for testing again today. Everything is pretty much the same as it was on Friday. There still is little to no fluid around the baby. But he continues to tolerate that well.

I had a biophysical profile done this afternoon. He scored a 6 out of 8. The tech said he would have scored a full 8 out of 8 if he had the proper amount of fluid. But he has almost none. So that is why his score was a little lower. How ever his heart rate looked great. She showed me the rise and fall of his chest as he practiced breathing. He continues to have fluid in his belly and bladder. So there is some in there some where because he continues to pee it out and swallow it again. Isn't it nummy that babies do that? Ick! LOL

The NST today was a royal pain in the toosh. It took the lady forever to find his heartbeat. I am glad I had the ultrasound first or I would have started freaking out. Every time she would find it he would shift and she would lose it again. She buzzed him once because she didn't think he was awake enough. *eye roll* That didn't help at all. LOL My entire belly was covered with that ooey gooey ultrasound gel. I was laying back and half on my side propped up with pillows for 40 minutes. And she still didn't have a great chart. But my doctor came in and watched for a bit and saw two great rises while he was there. So he was satisfied that he was doing well.

My doctor did the strep B test. That was lovely (said with as much sarcasm as possible) It wasn't awful but it was weird. I could do with out it and I am glad it is not something they do every single time.

My urine test was negative. So no protein in my urine. WOOHOO! My blood pressure while still a tad elevated is lower then it was last week. Also a good thing. So no preeclampsia which is a good thing. But that was the only thing they had to go on for the fluid loss. So now we are back to having no idea why this is happening.

My doctor joked that I need to give him just one more reason to take this baby. JUST ONE MORE! LOL Anything else along with the low fluid and he would take the baby out. But both baby and I are doing fine despite the fluid issue. He is stuck between wanting to get this baby OUT because of the fluid levels and wanting to let him stay put until 36 weeks to give him a better chance on the outside world. He asked for our opinion and I told him as long as baby as well then I really want to make it to 36 weeks. But we are not comfortable with going past 36 weeks with no fluid. I just don't know how well he can continue to do and for how long. And my doctor has no idea either. So I guess it just continues to be take it one day at a time and try and get to a safer place.

So back to the clinic every other day. Continued monitoring. Next Monday we will meet again and decide what day next week Wyatt will be delivered. Hopefully he can make it until then safe and sound. And hopefully he will do well when he comes out. Fingers crossed and keep praying. It seems to be working for us. Thank you!


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