Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Birth Review Class

We had our first child birth review class tonight. It went pretty well. There was only one other couple there. I was worried they are going to be fruit cakes but they were really cool. They were a tish older then us but still close enough to enjoy our time with them. It was nice to have a smaller group because it felt more personal and we got to ask what ever questions we wanted to. The other couple also had a c-section the first time. So it was nice to have that in common with her. She had to give birth very early last time. So she hadn't gone through any labor like I had last time but we still had a lot in common.

We went through the general stuff like anatomy and the different phases of labor. The teacher took us for a tour of labor and delivery, the maternity ward and both the level 1 nursery and the level 2 nursery. There is a NICU but it is in a different building across town. Hopefully we will not have to ever see that nursery. I remember the recovery area very well. That is where I spent all of my time before Bryan was born. It doesn't really look any different 12 years later. LOL

Last time I had decided not to get a private room. It cost extra money and I thought it was silly to pay extra for a private room. Well I was horribly wrong. It sucked sharing a room with some one else while trying to recover from surgery. They only had 1 tv per room back then. So I had to give her the tv so she could watch her baby in the NICU on the monitors. How could I have possibly told her no? No matter how bored out of my flipping mind I was. So I made sure to say that YES I wanted private room this time around. Well tonight just confirmed that idea. We didn't really get to look into the private rooms much. They were all full tonight. How ever we did get to tour the double rooms. They are TINY. The room in general is not small. But when you put 2 strangers in that room it is far to tiny. Ethan would be unable to spend the night ever if we have to share a room. But he has the option to stay the night if we have a private room. He may or may not stay with us but it would be nice to at least have the option. Plus being there for 4 whole days really just makes me want my privacy. Even if we don't get a private room right away we may have a double room to ourselves. And if a private room opens later we would have first dibs on it. Fingers crossed that the maternity floor is not busy when we get there and we can just have our private room from the start.

So it was fun and we learned some new things. I enjoyed the tour. The other couple seems pretty cool and the teacher was easy to talk to. I hope to have her job some day. I have wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse for years. I think it might be fun to teach a birthing class some day too. If I ever finish school maybe it will be an option. LOL But for now I am uber excited about birth and our first few days. I can't wait to go there and get to meet Wyatt finally.

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