Friday, May 21, 2010

Update and Game Plan

I feel like the last 2 days have been a blur. Things changed so quickly. Thankfully they do not seem to be as bad as we had feared and we have a game plan in place now.

The first ultrasound I had done showed a small pocket of fluid. The ultrasound I had done today how ever showed no fluid at all. He does still have some in his stomach and bladder but none around him. There is a chance there is still a pocket of fluid underneath him that the ultrasound was not able to find. But we are not counting on that. The ultrasound showed him measuring at 5 pounds 11 ounces right now with great breathing movements.

My OB checked me for signs of rupture. My cervix is still closed nice and tight and there was no sign of amniotic fluid leaking. He does not think my water broke but does not have an answer to where all that fluid went. There was more then enough fluid 2 weeks ago when I had an ultrasound to check position of baby. Now there is none. He consulted with a few doctors from his practice and they are baffled as to both what happened to the fluid and what is causing the fluid loss.

My blood pressure was still elevated today. My urine test from Thursday was negative for protein. I will be doing a 24 hour urine collection over the weekend to make sure. Since my blood pressure is still elevated and I have had puffy hands and feet they are worried I am on the verge of developing preeclampsia. That is the only explanation they can come up with for the fluid loss. But even that is just a guess.

The NST showed that Wyatt is tolerating the lack of fluid very well. They only need two rises in 20 minutes. He had like 4 in 5 minutes. I lost count of how many rises he had by the end of 20 minutes. The nurse commented after a while on how at first it was great but now he is just showing off. LOL His heart rate is great and he is still moving around a lot in there. Both good signs.

I will be going in to the clinic every few days for monitoring. Hopefully he will continue to do well with out fluid. If he does not then he will be delivered right away. If they find protein in my urine he will be delivered right away. One stress on the baby they can deal with. But they are unwilling to put him through 2 stresses at the same time. The plan is to keep him in until he reaches 36 weeks and then deliver him. They don't want him in there to long with out any fluid. But as long as he is still doing ok they want him to stay put until 36 weeks. That way he will have a little more time to grow, lungs to mature more, for him to get stronger and bigger. If by some miracle my fluid levels go up to at least a 6 then they will allow him to stay put longer. 38 or 39 weeks if possible. But they do not think that will happen. So it is just a matter of getting through the next week and a half.

Hopefully if he makes it to 36 weeks he will be fine. Maybe a day or two in the level 2 nursery but he should be able to avoid the NICU all together. God willing he will be able to come home with us when I am released after my c-section. If not hopefully only an extra day or two in the hospital. Bryan was born at 36 weeks and 6 days and came home with me with no problems. Hopefully Wyatt will do just as well or better. (Bryan had a little trouble regulating his temp right after birth)

I have started my maternity leave early. Because of my blood pressure and the low fluid levels I need to relax as much as possible. I'm not stuck to my bed or anything. Just lay low and drink lots of fluids. I had two weeks left before my maternity leave started but not anymore. We all agreed it would be better for me to quit working early so I can rest and try to keep my blood pressure down. I would have only been able to work one more week before he was born. So I was giving up at least one week anyway.

I have a big list of things I want to complete before Wyatt comes and little more then a week to complete them now. Thankfully I have Ethan and Bryan to help me. Bryan is a young strapping boy who can do all the bending and heavy lifting for me. LOL I checked out some books from the library so I can read up on preemies. Hopefully he will be just fine but I want to be prepared just in case there are any problems. Fingers crossed and prayers if you have to spare that everything will turn out ok for us.

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