Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Prenatal Massage

I had my very first massage today. It was my birthday present to myself. The massage was fantastic! They had special cushions for me to lay on so that I could lay face down. The cushions had enough of an indent for my belly with out making you feel like you were going to fall through to the floor. I forgot how much I love laying on my belly. *sigh* When she was done with my back I flipped over and she worked on my face, neck, shoulders, arms and legs. She spent extra time on my arms and hands because of the carpal tunnel I have been suffering from. I had no idea how amazing having my arms, wrists and hands massaged could feel. I think that was my favorite part! I was bummed when it was over. The room was warm, quiet, dark, the table was comfy and the tangerine aromatherapy smelled awesome. She helped me sit up. Which was interesting while being this pregnant. I started laughing. I sat at the end of the table not wanting to get dressed and leave the little cocoon she had created. But ya can't stay there forever and the best part was over with. I think I have decided that from now on I will get a massage for every birthday. It really was an amazing way to treat myself on my special day.

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