Thursday, December 10, 2009

12 weeks

I am 12 weeks pregnant! The baby is now the size of a plum. This is my last week of the first trimester. I can't wait to put it behind me. It has been a very long time since I have made it into a second trimester. I am looking forward to it very much.

I thought I was in the clear when it came to morning sickness. I was so very wrong. I had 3 or 4 really good days. Things were looking up. I was feeling great! Then BAM morning sickness came back and knocked me clean on my butt. CRAZY! I am hoping that in no time it will be gone for good.

I am feeling the bubbly butterfly rumbling in my lower belly. I know they say that when you have more children it is easier and earlier that you feel the baby start to move. I am impressed by how early I am feeling something. It is not all the time. Just once in a while. Like Wednesday morning at 6 am. I was trying to fall back to sleep but I was totally fascinated by the rolling feeling in my lower belly. It would seem to be to much movement to fast. Except I saw this moving like crazy at my last ultrasound. So I know he/she moves that much and that fast. It goes away as quickly as it comes. I look forward to being able to feel the baby moving more often and with more force. The butterflies almost tickle right now! LOL

I have my first trimester screening on Monday. Hopefully everything will go wonderfully and the baby will be healthy. Then we can finally announce to the world that this baby is on the way. Fingers crossed!

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