Friday, December 18, 2009

13 weeks

I am 13 weeks pregnant. Saying good bye to the first trimester and hello to the second trimester! Thank God! I am doing my best to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy. Even the morning sickness. It has been such a long time and so many prayers coming. But I have to admit I am happy to see a milestone that I have not hit in YEARS. It is very exciting and relieving to see the second trimester.

The baby is now the size of a peach. Everything is going pretty well. The morning sickness has eased greatly. I still have the occasional bought of nausea every now and then. But for the most part smells don't make me gag over and over and over again. Strong smells still do. But not the little things anymore. I even had my first cup of coffee in months! Decaff of course. But God did I forget how wonderful coffee tastes! Even though it was decaff and I didn't get an energy jolt from it I remembered how much I enjoyed the relaxation of drinking the nice warm nummy fluid. Ahhhhh!

The fatigue is getting better too. I am still tired of course. Making a tiny little person is hard work. But I don't feel half dead to the world anymore. I am feeling better and looking forward to the day again. I see why woman enjoy the second trimester so much again.

My nose is still constantly running. And now I am sneezing all the time. It is a really tough symptom to have during cold and flu season when you are not yet really looking pregnant. Every one looks cross eyed at me. Sorry folks! I can't help it. And I am just not going to explain to every person that it is just because I am knocked up. LOL

My newest and so far most annoying symptom is knee joint pain. Yes it is worse then the morning sickness. LOL My knees are stiff and sore and just plain killing me most of the time. It makes getting in and out of bed and chairs and the couch hard. I am slow and sore and glad I don't have to walk to far to often. But then oddly enough wandering around the clinic made my knees feel better. So who knows. Maybe I should be walking more to work out the stiffness. I of course Googled the symptom. I read that most woman who have first trimester joint soreness will start to feel better in the second trimester. Then by the third trimester it is gone just about the time that other woman are just starting it. So fingers crossed that it will go away in a few weeks.

We have officially announced to the world that I am pregnant. We made this announcement on Facebook on Tuesday, December 15, 2010:

We are extremely happy to finally announce that I am pregnant! Our first child together is due June 25, 2010! The baby and I are both very healthy and doing well. Bryan can't wait to be a big brother again! I am happy to see the end of the first trimester and look forward to being morning sickness free hopefully some day soon. LOL

So now most of our friends and family know that our little baby blackberry is on his/her way! I am so very happy to finally have been able to share the news. It was such a relief to spill the beans. We have gotten lots of congratulations and well wishes. We thank every one for their kindness and their prayers. It truly does mean the world to us and has helped get us through the hard times and the rough and long road to a healthy baby. Thank you!

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