Saturday, December 5, 2009

11 weeks

I am 11 weeks! The end of the first trimester is closing in. The baby is the size of a lime now. I am sure she/he is dancing up a storm down there. I look forward to being able to feel all the movement. I am slowly starting to feel better. The morning sickness and fatigue is starting to lift. I am still queasy. But I am no longer sick as a dog day in and day out. Plus with the help of unisom I am not getting sick over night either. That has been wonderful. I have been getting up earlier and earlier the last few days. I was up at 8 am today and started cleaning the house. Bryan asked why we were cleaning the house if no one was coming to visit. I told him I was feeling better so we had cleaning to catch up on. He was not happy. Especially when I told him in a few more months I will to large and tired to clean much. So it will be his and Ethan's responsibility to clean the house. Again not a happy camper. LOL Things are going well still. It is daddy's 30 birthday today! Happy birthday daddy!!! Next year this baby will be here to help celebrate with us.

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