Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Trimester Screening

I had the First Trimester Screening test done yesterday. All went well ... a little longer then need be but still well. First I talked to the genetic counselor. She was super nice and explained everything to me. I even got to see pictures of the fluid in a normal baby's neck and the fluid pocket of a baby with Downs Syndrome. That was really nice. I felt more informed and prepared going into the ultrasound. I knew what the technician was looking for and what we did NOT want to see.

I am by no means a professional but I thought every thing looked good. My bladder was not full enough at first for the ultrasound. The baby was laying asleep in such a way that she could not get a good profile view in order to view the baby's neck. So she handed me my bottle of water and told me to drink up. I was instructed to lay on my side for a while and move around in an attempt to wake the kid up and get him/her moved into a better position. HA HA HA She had no idea what a bad idea that was! Maybe I should have warned her! She said she would be back in 10 minutes but didn't come back for 20 minutes. UGH! I really had to pee by then and was mildly scared of her pushing on my belly with that ultrasound wand. Thankfully I did not pee on the table. The second time the baby was WIDE awake and moving all around. As soon as she would settle in on a good place to take the measurement the baby would start wiggling and spinning around to put it's back to the tech. So she would go around to the other side of my belly and the baby would wiggle and spin some more. LOL She commented on what a mover this baby is. Like I said I probably should have warned her that waking the baby up was only going to make it harder to get a good picture! She did manage to sneak in some pictures to take the measurements with and do the general check over of the baby. Heart rate was 142 and the baby is still measuring right on time. And obviously the baby is moving about well on his/her own. LOL I got a few pictures. Still not great pics but what can we expect with a mover like this one! LOL

I went down stairs for the blood test portion. I HATE getting my blood drawn. I have miserable veins and it takes many pokes and several minutes to get blood out of me. Yesterday was no different. They stuck me 3 times in the arm with no luck. The lady asked if she could try the vein in my wrist because it was the only ones they could see and really feel. It worked. It hurt a lot but it worked. The guy that usually takes my blood starting cheering. She does have blood! She does have blood! HA HA HA The lady told me next time I should make sure to drink lots and lots of water before hand. I held up my empty bottle of water and said "Sorry ... I just came from an ultrasound ... I have been drinking water all afternoon." She looked like she wanted to pass out onto the floor. LOL I walked out of there looking like a suicide victim with my wrist all bandaged up. But at least my blood draw was done.

I got the call with the results this morning. I could barely function I was so nervous. I had dreamt last night that they had called me back but refused to give me the results over the phone. I was stuck at work and couldn't get away to go to the clinic to get the answer from the genetic counselor. It was a horrible dream and really shook me up. So when I finally got the phone call with the results I held my breath until she told me. The test was negative! I am NO increased risk of carrying a baby with T18 or Downs Syndrome. My age puts me at a 1/850 chance of a baby with Downs. But after this test my chance is 1/3,000! She said everything looked great and the baby is healthy! I let out a huge gasp of air that I had been holding in. I almost started crying I was so happy!

I have jumped through all of Ethan's hoops. So now I get to tell the world! I am waiting for him to respond to my message on his phone first. I want him to know first that the baby is ok . Then I will put it on Facebook. So soon everybody will know. I can't wait to share the good news!

Here are some pics from the third ultrasound.
The first is a side view of the baby. You can see the head to the left and body to the right. The baby has it's hand up by his/her face. Almost sucking his/her thumb.

The second is a back view of the baby. Again head on the left and body on the right. You can see the baby's spine.

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