Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A mover and a shaker!

I was already getting so bored in the second trimester. I know crazy. Why am I complaining right? I still feel pukey in the morning but other then that the morning sickness is gone and the fatigue is mostly gone. I have been just sitting around ... waiting for something ... anything interesting to happen.

I have been good and avoided coffee for the most part but I decided yesterday on my way to work that it was COLD ... not just cold but FRIGID COLD. So I swung by a gas station near work and picked up a hot chocolate. Their coffee totally sucks but I figured it was pretty hard to screw up hot chocolate. I got a small cup and happily wrapped my freezing hands around it.

Well I guess even a small amount of hot chocolate is a large amount of sugar to the baby. I sat down after finishing my cup and felt something. It was right below my belly button. BUBBLE BUBBLE ... WIGGLE WIGGLE ... holy crap I think the baby is moving ... WEEEEEEEEEEEEE ... yep that's the baby!

I have felt the baby move before. But it was very rare and I had to be absolutely still and laying on my right side. Don't ask me why the right side. That was just how it worked. But yesterday the baby was a moving and a shaking and a wiggling all over the place. Yep ... definitely your father's child aren't you?!?!?! He is just as wiggly outside me as you are inside me. Anyway I sat there and enjoyed the movement knowing that those moments are few and far between this early. But I must say I was impressed that it was happening with out me laying on my right side still as a statue. It was so great to feel him/her in there!

I was not expecting to be feeling anything again any time soon. But sure enough when I got home last night the baby started up again. And then this morning there were the bubblies again! As I was getting my shoes on I guess I bent over to far and squished the baby a bit because he/she fought back. I think I got kicked for the first time by this baby! THUMP! I shot straight back up and started laughing. Ooooops! Sorry babe! I didn't mean to play squish the baby. My bad.

I am so excited that I am starting to feel things. I am also so glad that you feel things moving and shaking in their earlier if you have already had kids. My uterus is stretched out more and I know what a baby moving feels like. So I am far more aware. It is great to feel the baby moving. I can't wait for it to happen again. I especially can't wait for the baby to kick Coco off my belly. She is hell bent on laying on the baby for some reason. Not on my lap but on my belly. Right over the baby. One of these days this kid is going to say "bad puppy" give once fierce kick and send the Chihuahua flying. And I have to admit I am going to be laughing my butt off!

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