Sunday, December 27, 2009

Potato Salad!!!

I think I have officially had my first pregnancy craving. I have had a few minor cravings here and there over the last few months. But nothing that made me feel like I NEED THAT NOW! Friday night I was hungry. I went to the fridge and decided potato salad sounded good. Buuuut it was Ethan's and I didn't want to munch on his food. So I left it there. I sat on the couch with my mind and belly just spinning! I wanted that potato salad and the more I ignored the urge the worse it got. So I hopped up and got the container. I ate the entire container of potato salad. It was so NUMMY. But I was not full. So I ended up licking the container of potato salad clean. LOL Yep I licked it clean and I STILL was not satisfied. I decided because of the bad weather it would not be a good idea to head to the grocery store in the middle of the night for more. But I did decide that I was going to buy more on Saturday. I didn't have time to grab some on my way to work. But my wonderful sweet and loving hubby stopped by the store and picked up a BIG container for me! I could not be more in love with him right now. HA HA HA It is funny how easy it is to please a pregnant woman. With Bryan I craved apples all the time. In any form. I just wanted apples. This baby I seem to so far be craving potatoes. Mashed potatoes taste like white fluffy heaven to me. LOL I realize that potatoes are not as healthy as apples to crave. But I figure I am making up for it by drinking water all the time. I do allow myself the occasional pop. But for the most part I drink bottled water. I have almost had cravings for it. A nice cold bottle of water from the fridge makes me pretty happy. Which is definitely a step up from the gallons of Mountain Dew I drank while pregnant with Bryan. Hey I was young and dumb then! I am older and better read on the pregnancy journey this time around. LOL Anyway I am going to go back to my potato salad now. Hmmmmmm .... potato salad ....

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